Can I Get Pregnant While Being On My Period

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blakelydawn - May 11

ohkay, so i started my period on cinco de mayo and that night i had unprotected s_x with my boyfriend. now, my periods are normally very heavy, but as soon as i had s_x with him and he came in me my period lightened up a lot, and became shorter. my period can last a week and half, but it only lasted 4 days. then 2 days later we had unprotected s_x again. (i know, i'm stupid) i've been having to pee alot and havnt been getting much sleep. do you think i could be pregnant??? please please please reply as soon as you can. thanks. -blakely.


Dragon_Queen - June 16

I was wondering. My boyfriend and I had s_x 4 days before my peroid. Then the 2 days after that., we also had s_x. (unprotected) Then I had my period, but we also had s_x on the 2nd to last day of my peroid. Is there any chance that I might be pregnant?


letgo0527 - June 22

You can but it is very rare


Unknown2 - November 18

I was just wondering, if there isnt really an exact time, when you ovulate, is there a way you can find out?


AmyG - January 8

Someone please give me some advice. I had s_x right around the time I was ovulating and as soon as a week later, I was having early pregnancy symptoms which include; cravings, b___st soreness & swelling, nausea, heartburn. I just FELT pregnant. I started my period 4 days early. But I still have those symptoms...Does anyone think I am pregnant? I have NEVER experienced sore and swollen b___st during a period. What should I do? Any advice is appreciated


LADYTRiiPZ - February 9

what are the chances of getting pregnet while being on your period?


sangeethasardar - February 11

My last period date in january 12th 2008 and iam expecting my period date on february 12th my cycles are regular for 30days on feb 10th i had s_x with my husband for 2times is there is any chance for pregnant or chance less for pregnant on those days we had s_x


kimberly - February 15

I see most of this post is very old but to help sort out the ques. about ovulation...If you have a 28 day cycle you should ovulate around day 14 of your cycle. Counting from the first day of flow. You add a day for everyday your cycle pa__ses 28 days. So if you are normally on a 30 day cycle you would ovulate around the 16th day of your cycle.


bella8382 - February 24

I got pregnant on about my 3rd or 4th day of my period & 2-3 weeks later I started having cramps almost like I was gonna get my period but I knew then that I was pregnant for sure.


Toni - March 16

Can u get pregnant a few days before ur period? I had s_x wit out protect and he ejaculated in me.


xdanicax - April 2

hey i am on my period and me and my boyfriend just had there anyway that i can get pregant???we had s_x this morning and i still have my period....


bela1 - July 27

i hed unprotect_t s_x on my 5th and 6th day of my periods so im not sure can i get pregnent


Crystal83 - July 29

You cannot get pregnant while you have your period, you might be able to right before or after, depending on when you ovulate, but not during. The reason you have your period is because you ovulated and the egg did not get fertilized and it is now breaking down inside of your body which is causing the bleeding.


casandra - August 15

i dont think.. u may have implantation bleeding and may think its a period.


Steven - August 19

If you have unprotected s_x the day before your period starts, (female has moderate cramps, and a general feeling her period is going to start the next day, and like clockwork it comes) does your period continue as normal or does it cease to exist? What about during your period? If you are somehow impregnated, does your period just stop? or do you have to wait until next month to find out?


qtpiecheergurl26 - August 23

okay so i know im supposed to answer a question but i have a question lol and i noticed that a lot of ppl are asking questipns too... so my boyfriend and i had unprotected s_x on the 19th of august then again on the 21 but pretty much right after we had s_x on the 21st, i got my period... it wasn't due till the 28th and it was way heavier than normal, is there a more significant reason for all this besides jus starting my period early? if so what could it be? im so confused and don't want to talk to my boyfriend bout it yet cuz i don't want to worry him! PLEASE HELP!!



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