Can I Get Pregnant While Being On My Period

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YES - July 27

Many woman have gotten pregnant during or just after thier period. Most women ovulate at around day 14, but that is just a guide. Some ovulate at other times. Ovulation may be irregular or upset by illness, drugs going on or off the pill. There never is a safe time


trisha - July 27

i had a question i got my tubes tied 6 years ago and im wondering the same thing can i still get pregnant and have a period even know my tubes are getting all the pregnancy signs...i guess im really confused on this one...can anyone help me wif this?


beff - August 1

see if u have s_x while ur on ur periods and the man c_ms inside u can u get pregant ?


Anon - August 2

I recently slept with a guy on what turned out to be the second last day of my period. I told him it was safe and it we didn't use a condom. Can I still get pregnant? My period ended very suddenly after we had s_x that night. Is it possible for me to be pregnant?


Anonimous - August 8

Hi! I was wondering. I was having s_x when i suddenly started bleeding, it was my period can i get pregnant?


Anonimous - August 8

If someone can answer my question my emial is


unknown - August 9

got a dumb question....i admit to it! lol I have been having unprotected s_x for years and never once got pregnant, could this be because i ovulate ON my period? because i have never had s_x on my period, i would like to know, thx. sorry for the dumb question, i am just wondering.


Chloe - August 9

Um...I had s_x on my period, what are the chances of getting pregnant? explain


Layla - August 12

YES- Getting pregnant on your period is possible- just like having s_x before or after your period. You are more likely to become pregnant when you are ovulating- this means your body is releasing a mature egg into the outer layer of the ovary where a mans sperm is more likely to penetrate it. Ovulation occurs approximately 14 days into your 28 day menstrual cycle. Different women ovulate at different times during their cycle- some during their period some before and some after. Common signs of pregnancy include a missed period, feeling nausea in the morning or at any time of the day, backaches, headaches, constantly feeling tired and sleepy, tender or swollen b___sts, or an increased appet_te. The only way to know if you are pregnant for sure is through a pregnancy test.


lisa - August 21

how soon can you tell after intercourse, that you are pregnant?


lasonya - August 21

I want know if you can get pregnant with your tubes being tied and still have a menstrual cycle.


lauren - August 21

can i get pregnant while i'm on my period? email me


kalea - August 23

hi i had s_x 2 days into my preiod is there ne chance that i can be pregnant??


tina - August 24

hi i had s_x and got my period but can i still be pregnate the nest month?


mary - August 27

can i get pregnancy while being on my period


lenora johnson - August 29

i dont think u can because how can the egg and the blood both pa__s threw.



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