Can You Still Have A Period While Pg

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scsm - October 13

Phyonix: Take a test to be sure, but coming off the pill can totally whack your system out for a few months. it took a good friend of mine over 4 months before she ever got another period. And to all: Yes, you can...I had a light pink period the day my real AF was due, but it lasted for three days and was ultra light. I took a test a couple of days later and it was POS. I was on the pill at the time and VERY good about taking it (so much for 99.9% LOL) With my daughter, I got a period at 8 weeks RIGHT when my normal period would have been due. Doc said that the body can still be cycling even though you are pregnant. If you are past due for your period by any significant amount, in most cases you would get an accurate test. If it says negative, it's probably negative, but a blood test would be more conclusive. Best of luck all!!


scsm - October 13

whoops, just realized I replied to a really old post....I'm sure she knows by now!!


cooper90 - December 10

im just wondering what you guys think about this i had no period for 4 months i had unprotected s_x (didn't Pull out) a week and a half later period shows up out of the blue different than others cramping only lasted a day and was replaced by a tender feeling in my uterus and the period itself was light for me i only had one mildly heavy day filled 3 tampons all day then its just been really light for a couple days after that i think i may be pregnant what do you guys think plz help i have been trying to figure this out for four months


jezimay - March 13

hi can anyone help?? after 4 weeks of having my baby we had unprotected intercourse about a week later i had my period but about 4 weeks after i have now started with symptoms i get when im pregnant (feelin slightly sick, rash on my belly, these are symptoms i have had with all pregnancies) could this be possible? the only thing is i had the iud put in while i was bleeding...will it still show or could symptoms be from this???? help



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