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Carey - September 7

Can you get cramps while pregnant?


sweetie - June 13

Yes! Get all kinds of things. From aches, pulls, pinches, to cramps. Mostly in your lower abdominal area. Somtimes they can feel like your Aunt Flo is about to start.


angela - July 19

im 17 weeks and slight cramping with a feeling of having to go pee is this normal


audrey - July 20

Not sure. I think so! Just found out I am pregnant and I am five weeks. I have been experiencing lots of pain in the lower abdomen just like other women have been experiencing!


tawnee - August 1

im a month pregnant now and i get cramps everyday. im not sure if its normal or not but it feels like piereod cramps.


ashley - August 19

I am 4 weeks and cramp all the time


Christina Conyers - August 21

I get cramps at night time, like right before I go to bed. I was told it's the baby growing.


Michelle - August 23

I just found out two days ago im pregnant and i get pains on the right side of my lower belly~~


zoe - September 7

i think i am 5 weeks pregnant as i am 9 days late, have lots of period pain aching but no period, and back ache on the left side. i have very stupid mood swings and this month has been the worst month ever for my husband. (poor thing).He has had nothing but moans, shouts, crying etc from me. He thinks i am pregnant. So if i am pregnant these are really the most definate signs anyway so i have heard from other people too.


Tracy - September 25

Im 5 weeks pregnant, is it normal to cramp


susie - October 1

i am 5 weeks and i am having some cramps, on my right side .


Lucy - October 4

I am seven weeks along. My OB explained that cramping is very normal. Its very easy to confuse gas with cramping, as well. Don't be concerned unless the cramping is severe for several hours, accompanied by bleeding, or brings you to tears. Good luck!


Lizabeth - October 4

I am 9 weeks pregnant and my OB/GYN said the cramping is your uterus growing. If you are not cramping, then you aren't growing....


Meggie - October 11

I am just starting my 5th week and have cramps all the time


Jodie - October 23

Along with the cramping I am getting a lot of diahrea. Is this normal? I will find out for sure in a few day if I am pregnant but was just wondering if anyone else had this symptom..


Jodie - October 31

I am still having period like cramps like my period is just around the corner. Along with this,for the first time tonight I had some milky,creamy,runny v____al fluid. Sorry for the info! But I was wondering if pregnancy brings that on or if it could be something else. I was also very nauseas today. My period is not due ntil the 7th. Is it to soon?? Thanks!!!


Beth - November 1

My name is beth and i have a 26 year old daughter and she is 10 weeks pregnant and she has a lot of cramping and there was some bleeding in her urin could this be a sighn of concern. sincerley cocerned mom.



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