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Tiffany - July 22

i am pregnant but i don't know how far along i am. My last period was 3/23/05


JEAN - July 30



tara - August 9

if my last period was the 25th of june, how far along am i


Julie - August 9

my last period started July 11th 2005


julie - August 9

if my last period was July 11,2005, how far along am I??


Jennifer - August 10

My last period was 6/30/05. How far along in the pregnancy am I? Someone told me that you add a month to your pregnancy is that true?


Bird - August 16

You are 8 months and 8 days just count from that last day.


Dee - August 22

I am pregnant. a 22 yr old in college. graduating next may. my mom was s ingle mother and i saw how rough it was on her. the father is my ex bf who told me he isnt in love with me anymore. i am having an abortion but i just want to know that i am making the right choice, im really scared. =(


mona - August 28

hi i just found out am pregnant about 2 weeks ago.i last got my period on july 3 2005 and now its end of augest how do they do that do they count from what day ?thx


Coll - August 29

Dee.. I am pregnant now and it was unplanned, really unplanned, and I am 22yrs old. When I was 20 I was pregnant and I had an abortion, it is not an easy way out. Whatever you decide to do just make sure you are ready. You will have what ifs, and regrets, and that on the back of your mind for ever. But if you cant provide a good life for a baby now then consider it....just whatever decision you make either way really prepare yourself, because both decisions will effect you forever, and both are very hard to go through... i guess there is no easy way out! Good luck to you with whatever you decide to do.


Gmonny - August 29 what your heart is telling you. I got pregnant at 17 and my mom advised me to have an abortion, which I did. As much as I think of the little child I could have had today, I'm glad I followed my mom's advice. I may have felt a bit sad before, but I don't regret my decision. There's plenty of time for children and if you are not ready, then you need to get there first before you can care for another being. I'm 41 now and having my first child, but at least now I'm ready.


Mallory - August 29

I am pregnant. My last period was 6/24/05. how far along am I?


prasanthi - September 12

my last period was 10/08/05,i don't know how far iam pregnant plz let me know


kristin - September 12

july 13 was my last period


Sabrina - September 13



sara - September 15




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