How Long For You To Get Pregant After The Depo

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sherece24 - December 31

i had a baby in april 21, 2011. on the 22nd i got my depo. i pled none stop for 2 months. it stopped for two days. during the two days i had unprotected s_x. a day later, i bled for about 6 full months. although i was still taking my depo every 3 months. the 7th month, it stopped again for 3three days. so i decided to have s_x again. one day later my cycle came back on and been on every since then. lately i been eating strange foods, always tired, bad cramps, and headaches. is it possible if i could be pregnant?


Mrs,La__siter120109 - February 23

Hi, ive been on depo for about a year but im not taking my next shot in april which will be my year mark, how long do you think it will take me to get pregnant??


skibagirl7 - February 23

Everyone's body is different and takes different times to adjust. But in my case, I had my last shot in Dec 2010, and didn't take a follow-up one after that. I got pregnant in June 2011. So about 6 months for me. I was on it for 8 years.


mslovely - February 28

Hi everyone, i started taking depo shots in August of 2011 and March 29th will be the end of my depo shot. I've only had 3 depo shots total and my boyfriend and I are trying to conceive. How long do you think it will take for me to get pregnant?


ros_xmariee - April 27

I was on the depo shot for about two and a half years, was off for about 2 months, i got pregnant and then had a miscarriage due to the fact that i got another shot not knowing i was pregnant at the time. i have been off the shot since january. i got my period, even though its not consistent yet (different times each month), but hoping to sometime in the near future conceive another child. fingers crossed!


Lala2424 - July 16

I myself have got pregnant on the depo twice the first time I had been in it for 4 years and the second time was after the birth of my son I had one shot and fell pregnant again how unfortunately suffered a misscarriage . I have now been on the depo for 3 years again but have not been for my shot last week as I'm hoping to conceive I really think it depends on the individual however after falling pregnant on the depo I'm hoping it won't take long



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