Is Cramping And Stomach Aches Normal

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RHG - September 9

Hi I am new to this but i am 14 dpo and today i have a burning painful feeling in my lower tummy and pain in the pelvic area. Is this normal? Anyone?


shelb - December 11

i had my period like 2 or 3 weeks ago and i've had a stomach all day and everyday since last saturday. and it hasn't gone away once. every once in awhile it'll get a stronger pain. i'm really worried. i think i might be pregnant. and i've also had white discharge in my underwear for the past few days. and i've never had that before. can someone give me some advice or anything? please!


lucasmama - December 13

The same thing happened to me as well. Because it was my first and I didn't know what to expect we went into the ER. They did a v____al exam and a sonogram and we saw our little baby's yolk sac and everything was fine. On a recent podcast from Pea in the Podcast, Dr. Laurie Swaim, an obstetrician with Houston Women's Care a__sociates in Houston, Texas , said that, "some women do complain of some crampy feelings in the first trimester but as long as the pregnancy is known to be in the uterus then they're not particularly worrisome either, they don't herald miscarriage or anything like that without bleeding." Of course spotting is normal but heavy bleeding isn't. If you are worried, which is understandable, you should definitely contact your doctor. Best of luck on this new journey! Warmly, Shireen


vividbeauty - December 14

Some cramping is normal. If you are getting cramping and bleeding you should call your doctor or go to the hospital right away. Usually a little cramping is ok.


lovebombbaby87 - January 6

I have had pregnancy symptoms for about 3 weeks now, from sore and sensitive b___sts/nipples, to feeling tired, to cramps in my legs. I have had stomach cramps for the last 36 hours roughly. I have an implant fitted (implanon) and have had it for around 18 months. for the last 14 months I have had a regular period every 2-3 months, but i have not had a period since mid september. i took a pregnancy test first thing yesterday morning and it had a faint positive line, i took a digital one about 3 hours later and it said not pregnant. I have read that implanon can mask the results. I have also read that doctors dont take implanon possible pregnancies seriously. i have only joined my doctors for 2 months and havent met him yet. any advice?


chloe_a - January 20

Hiya. Im new on here. Found it in a cry to help on google, tryin to find out if some symptons are what im experiencing. Benn tryin for 2 months now and last month didnt happen. This month has been different signs and feelings. Due on my perios next sat 24th jan. Since my ovulation date, iv been getting slight cramps, going toilet more and just general change. tired but not too tired and i dont have really sore bbs but just sore nipples. What do you think?? x


shaz-due-sep09 - January 25

Just read all this thread, as I have abdominal pains and have done since I found out I was pregnant and its a bit worrying. Think I am 7 weeks, but not had it confirmed yet and its my third and didn't have any of this with my other two. Chloe, it sounds like you might be pregnant, but i found the symptoms of pre menstrual were the same as being pregnant, the only difference were my bbs were more tender.


2rr - February 17

I've just read all the responses and it's amazing that so many of us have gone through the same thing! I found out that I was pregnant at 3 1/2 weeks, and I've had some mild cramping this week (about the time my period was due) It's such a relief to know that this is normal -


chloe_a - February 19

Hiya Just tested today and it was BFP!!!!! Im really shocked as ive never been pregnant before!!!!! I was due on today and got slight cramps but there more like a stich in my side rather than a pain in my back or pelvis.... What made me test today was i feel fine except i got heart burn which iv never had and i was in a que in a busy store and started to feel abit sick and abit of panic!!!


cristina123 - July 16

what where your period cramps pain one thur 10


cristina123 - July 16

what where your period cramps pain one thur 10


janine.w. - August 1

hi, im 5 weeks pregnant i been getting upper discomfort like someone has been jumping on my stomach an ive had the chills and a migraine. This is my 2nd child but i didnt have any of this. Is this normal?



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