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Jen001 - February 7

Hi all I am 9 weeks pregnant and for the past few days have no longer felt sick like i had been, I am sure I should be happy about this, but since I lost my first pregnancy to missed-miscarriage, the baby died at 9 weeks and I had a scan at 12, which showed baby died. I am worried that this means something is wrong, can anyone help??


Ang - February 7

I am 11 weeks and had the same thing happen to me 2 times before. Losing your symptoms is a good reason to be worried, but sometimes we are just paranoid. I go on Thursday and am dieing for them to hear a heartbeat so I can sleep again. Call your doctor ASAP and tell them that you have no more symptoms, I am sure they will want to see you.


beth - February 20

I am having the same issue here! I can't stand this. i m/c around 8 weeks last time and did not find out until 11 weeks. my sister works in a lab, and my hcg levels and progesterone are fine but from what i am reading these won't be a good predictor from about now on as the placenta is taking over these functions! let me know what happened with you


KIM - February 21

Hi Ladies... I am 8 weeks pregnant. I have been feeling really good the past 3 days or so. No Nausea but my chest is still sore. When you say no symptom what do you mean? Should worry that i have no symptoms?


deb - February 22

I am 8 weeks and haven't had any symptoms except being sleepy alot. I am really scared because i had a m/c last june and it was the same as ang and beth. I am freaking out but I go to the doc tomorrow. Don't worry girls because from what I understand alot of women lose symptoms around 10 to 11 weeks so maybe we are all either right on track or alittle early. From what I have told once your hormones are leveling out. Maybe that's what we are all doing.


For Deb... - February 22

Thanks for the words of advice and good thoughs. I wish you all the best. I am pregnant with my first child. I am right at about 8 and 1/2 weeks. I dont know what symptoms to look for to judge if i am having a miscarriage or not. Can you help? Thanks in advance.


Tasha - February 25

To put your mind at ease, I'm 11 weeks pregnant, and I first lost my symptoms at around 5 weeks. They came back at 7 weeks, stayed until 9 weeks, and have just started to return these past 3 days! Apparently this is very normal, bc your hormones are all over the place, sometimes it can have a sudden surge/drop. That's basically what makes your signs disappear and reappear in waves. Some girls have their symptoms all of the time, others don't have them at all, and some it comes in waves! Weird and wonderful world of pregnancy! Good luck to you all xx


Mary - June 22

I am 9 weeks pregnant as well, and I don't have much symptoms except sore b___sts. Even my sore b___sts seem to have abated. However, I am trying not to worry too much, because stress is even worse for the baby. There is nothing you can do about a missed miscarriage. These are caused by chromosomal abnormalities and is the body's natural way of expelling an unhealthy fetus. I was paranoid for awhile, but I have finally come to this conclusion that the best thing for the baby is low stress. So good luck to everyone out there. I hope we can all have healthy babies born out of love.


Stacey - June 30

I have been searching for this on the internet all day and am so glad to have found someone that is going through the same thing as me. I am 7 1/2 wks and had a miscarriage with my first pregnancy two years ago at 6 1/2 wks. Yesterday and the days leading up to it, I was exhausted and quite nauseated in the afternoon/into the evenings. Today I feel great. While I know I should be thankful, all I have been able to think about today is "What if I'm having another miscarriage..." As many of you know, having had a miscarriage makes for a nerve wracking first trimester in your subsequent pregnancies. Any advice?


kare - July 5

i was nauseous from about week 5 to week 7, then i had a few weeks of no nausea.. but it came back around week 9 and stayed until week 16! i think for those who do have pauses in their symptoms, it can also mean a change in hormonal activity.. though do check with your doctor to be certain.


tina - August 23

it seems this post was along time ago. hopefully, someone can help. i am now 9 wks. and my symptoms seem to have disappeared. my b___bs aren't sore anymore. i have had nausea since week 6. and that seems to have subsided. i am worried cause i had a m/c in feb. at 11 wks. i started bleeding at 9 wks.


kare - August 23

tina, call your doctor and see them. although it is early and hard to tell what might be happening - i would be checking with the doctor!


Lilli - December 4

hi Ladies, my story is similar, 9 weeks today, nausea has been minimal for the last week, but my b___sts are still sore, and i still get extremely b___hy when i am hungry, but my symptons are chillin out, this is my 6th pregnancy, and i have 1 child (15) and all my others ended in miscarriages, ranging from 7 to 11 weeks, with this pregnancy i was having twins but lost one, so my symptons were dualistic as my body was releasing one baby but holding on to another, i saw a heart beat at 7 weeks, but now that i am feeling better, i am worried.. how did things turn out for you?


christiesmith83 - September 9

Hi I think I am experiencing the same thing. I found out when I was a little over four weeks pregnant that I was expecting. I had headaches, back aches, extremely sore b___sts which had grown 2 cup sizes and very tired to the point I would go to sleep at 7:30pm most nights. At about 5 weeks the back aches and head aches went then 6-7 weeks my b___sts weren't as sore and I have had no morning sickness what so ever. I am still tired but not as much and I am currently 9 weeks and 3 days. I went for an u/s at 7 weeks and seen the heartbeat but I am also still worried. I almost would prefer to have a reminder that I am pregnant daily. Most women Ive spoken to say your body changes daily and everyone is different so I am just trying to be positive.


jenjoy - March 24

I can relate. I found out a couple days ago through home test that I was pregnant. I had all the symptoms. On Monday morning I went to the dr to get a test done just for proof for my insurance. Found out I was 10 weeks along. I don't get a sonogram until next week and Im so nervous somethings wrong. Alot of my symptoms have gone away. I still have b___st tenderness and am very tired but everything else has gone away. The more I read the more scared I get. I hope everything is ok with you.


bebs - March 17

Hi i have lost my 9 week baby when i got ultrasound in 12 week doctor told me that it's heart beat is no more in 9 week from this news i am so upset please any one suggest me after how many month i can be pregnant again please some body answer me



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