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lisa - September 11

I am about 4 weeks pregnant and feel very very naucious all the time. I called the doctor but they won't see me until I am 6 weeks. What do i do for this nausia?


Ashley - August 11

try not to do alot in the morning,it also helps to eat plain crackers or toast and drink lots of fluids.


Claire - August 23

I'm only 11 weeks, and have had morning sickness from week 8 - i find a ghla__s of milk and a ginger cookie helps.


sally - August 28

I am almost 7 weeks pregnant and I was very sick about five days ago I was throwing up for three days. Now I feel some what better. Is this normal?


kellie - August 28

yes sally it is normal to feel fine for a few days at a time i was sick like that for a few days and then i was fine i found that i had had a case of the flu. not morning sickness. but it is also common in morning sickness to feel fine for a few days and bad the next 10 you never know. now that i am towards the end of my preg i find that i am sick everymorning and most of the day....good luck to you


Katwana - September 11

I'm 9 weeks pregnant and I have had morning sickness since about 5 weeks pregnant. I find eating something like crackers in the morning makes me feel better. And some nights I even sleep with a pack on the side of me for those mid-night snacks, because if I eat something too heavy it will all come back up.


tru - September 13

when i was in my first trimester i was so naseated all the time. never actually vomitted but felt like i needed to all day. I tried everything to try to help me, everyone suggest things but until you try multiple things you will find one that works for you. Here are a few things to try mylanta (coats your tummy) tums (work for me) crackers, plain bagels, gatorade. I have to say that I tried a lot of different things but the thing that worked for me was gatorade and tums. Sometimes even a gla__s of milk but you may have to wait until some of it lessens. I also found that as long as I ate very bland foods that I was a lot better. My doctor told me that the naseau was created by too much acid in your stomach, so watch what you eat. The mylanta and tums you can take safely as directed on the bottle. You will make it through, I am 22 weeks now and feel great! Good luck!!!!


D - September 22

I can tell you that i had tried every possible thing suggested for nasea and nothing i mean nothing worked, I had to suffer, it started with just being naseous then it turned into vomitting all day everyday, i am now 32 weeks pregnant and i still dont feel so hot, good luck on your pregnancy


Sabrina - September 24

Morning sickness is worst when your blood sugar levels are low. So, ironically enough, the less you eat, the less you feel like eating - viciuos cycle. Try taking some juice to get your levels up, then try to force yourself to eat something every couple of hours and see if that helps.


'S' - October 20

If it is that bad go to the ER .. I had to & they gave me medicine & within a couple of days or regualry taking it when they told me to, it helped a ton ... because if you wait until the dr appt you could get dehytrated, I did & that's why I had to go ... so be safe & go now, they can't turn you away


Daile - October 22

You may want to consider sucking on peppermints, although try not to eat too many, because that can make it worse.


chris-t - November 5

if you have a clinic in your area usually there is a nurse pract who might be able to help


:) - November 9

I'm sorry you feel this way at 4 weeks, but I guess it's all a big part of being pregnant. I am 27 weeks, and stilkl have morning sickness almost everyday, and actually throw up about 2x a week, it's horrible. It is a lot worse when I eat or drink anything with sugar in it in the morning. Even coffee or juice. So, if i stick to water and carbs in the morning I'm usually okay:)


leslie - November 15

is it possible to become pregnant and then have a period the next month? i have heard this before...but am not sure. i have been experiencing some major signs of pregnancy, including daily naseau, except for about three hours in the mid evening? any advice?


Amanda - November 17

I ma 32 weeks pregnant i was avery bad sufferer of morning sickness in the first three months in which i lost weight due to this, the only thing that seemed to help me was eating dry biscuits and bread, but i am having a problem myself as i am now getting mornign sickness again wella ll day sickness and i dont no if this is normal or not. I am now having my second child and i did not have any problems during that pregnancy but now i am having the worst time ever can anyone help me with my question?


Ebony Howard - December 10

well sweet heart all i can tell you is to maybe eat some crackers that some times but very seldomly helped me, i'm 17 and about to have my first baby and i'm 3 months and i still have morning sickness maybe you should see a better doctor because no matter how many weeks you are you should still be able to see the doctor.GOOD LUCK ON YOUR PREGNANCY!


meg - January 4

Do some women get diareaha with morning sickness?



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