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meg - January 4

Do some women get diareaha with morning sickness?


Charisse D. - January 29

I am a little over 6 weeks preg. and sadly enough there just isnt much that helps. Drink lots of cold water and nibble on a few crackers. Good luck, I know how awful it is!


Melissa - February 4

I have the flu and I am 7 weeks pregnant what can I take


~L~ - February 18

-Saltine crackers -Ginger in any form -Lots of water to stay hydrated -Keep something in your tummy always, an empty tummy gives you problems


me - February 23

i just get it when i eat greasy food,im about 13 weeks


Debbie - February 24

Try sucking a boiled sweet, I have lemon hard boiled sweets in individual wrappers, the old fashioned kind where you buy them out of a bottle and get them weighed! the odd one really helps to gently sooth it away, And i also find Ice cream - it temp numbs that yuky feeling cause its so cold, either get stuck in with a spoon or put loads in a pint gla__s and let it melt down a little, its yummy and really helps. Im 7weeks and feel really yuky all day and all night its awful - you just have to make yourself as comfortable as you can to get by the next few weeks. Sleeping helps loads - you cant feel sick when you asleep, so sleep as much as pos, just to pa__s time - Remember its only temp!! Good Luck to everybody xxx


Cynthia - February 26

Finally someone I can really relate too! I am 12 weeks today and my nausea is just letting up a little. I was severely sick from week 5 until week 10. Completely miserable!!! I was vomiting, on average, 5 times a day and sometimes up to 12 times. Twice I went to the ER and was given an IV for my electrolytes and the Rx phenegren for the nausea. On my 2nd visit to the ER they admitted me into the hospital overnight ans gave me the Rx Zofran. Zofran helped more than anything! The phenegren they gave me just made me sleep. Before the Zofran I felt bad from am to pm. I couldn't keep ANY food or liquids down and my husband was really freaking out. I have never known anyone else that had nausea like me. I thought it would never go away. I was put on a special diet that may help you. I ate plain chicken broth, jello, popsicles and crackers and could only drink ginger ale, tea, and pedialyte. I am still careful of what I eat. Good luck!


Sarah - March 4

I'm 10weeks pregnant, before i was pregnant i weighed 50kgs now i get a lot of morning sickness cant keep anything down my weight is now round 46-47kg should i see my doctor or is this normal


Carmen - March 9

I am 7 weeks pregnant when will the symptons arrive?


Lydia - March 9

What can I expect from my first doctors visit? Should my fiance come?


chantal - March 22

how many weeks after you have unprotected s_x do u get morning sickness?


Jennifer - April 5

Take vitamin b-6 and 1/2 unisom in the morning. Take vitamin b-6 and a whole unisom in the afternoon. It works!!! My midwive prescibed it for me and I'm eight wks. It really does work. You will thank me. Good Luck.


Merritt - April 9

Maybe it's the British in me, but I find food items that contain vinegar and salt are helpful, particularly dill pickles, Whole Foods Mkt. Organic french fries with malt vinegar and salt on top, and Boulder brand Malt Vinegar & Salt potato chips (also at Whole Foods and other health stores and depts.). I couldn't believe the crackers and ginger didn't really help. In fact, the smell of ginger alone made me gag. Don't overdo the chips, though, as too much greasy food only adds back to the problem. Just eat enough to feel better.


Ingrid - April 21

I had many suggestions when I had m/s, however none of them worked, turned out I had hyperemisis which is the extreme form of m/s, I was hospitialised to get my fluid intake up as I was peeing once a day and not able to ingest anything, it lasted 3 months. I'm not trying to scarey you, but I was very naive and thought it was normal, it wasn't. I was very sick, my baby was fine, but I wasn't enjoying life or even functioning. Try everything everyone suggest, ginger, peppermint tea, salt and vinegar crisps, lightly flavoured mineral water, strawberries, dry toast before you get out of bed, crackers with a tiny bit of cheese, try standing on your head if someone suggests it, cos anything is worth a go, if you are dehydrated then you will find it difficult to pull yourself back from that and will need some a__sistance. I tried all the natural suggestions, I tried b6, medication from the doctor, I ended up havign to use supositories after my hosiptial visit (very unpleasent), but you do what you have to. I had my son in last June, and before I had him I was certain her was going to be an only child due to my pregnancy experiences, two days after giving birth I was talking of number two. Thankfully God designed us to forget these horros, m/s and birth. Good job too, or the worlds population would be of the rapid decline. All the best, remember take each day as it come, don't do too much, get your friends and family to help out, cooking, cleaning etc, to leave your partner to care for you.


sara - April 23

i am 8 weeks and find nothing really helps the only thing i seem to keep down is coca cola. try ginger but sadley it does nothing for me


katie - April 25

i have been taking the pill, but did miss 3 or and and had been sick too...... i had my last period about 4 weeks ago but it was very different, very light compaired to usual, and also lasted for 8 days instead of my normal 5.... im now experiencing nausea day and nite, with backache and severe tiredness, what r the chances that i am pregnant?? have no money to do a test for a few days.



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