Mucous Plug

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Joy - March 2

I believe I lost my mucus plug, but i'm not sure, I'm 38 weeks pregnant, I have an internal exam today and the Doc tole me I am 50% effaced and 1cm dilated!and when i went to the bathroom a little bit ago I noticed a blob of brown it was gross. could this be my mucus plug?


Kelly - March 5

No, not always colored. This is my 3rd, it looked like my hoo-ha sneezed. It was yellowish and gelatinous. No blood either. Good luck.


kay - March 8

Im 40+1 and lost my mucus plug 2 weeks ago, still no baby yet and the midwife said it can be weeks after having a show, so...dont get to excited labour is only certain when you feel regular contrations. if you are fed up of waiting ask your midwife 4 a membrane sweep. im hving one on saturday so hopefully this time next week i will have my baby :P


Rose - March 9

Clear jelly at 32 weeks pregnant


Kay2006 - March 10

meridth with my first child I was 5 days overdue and lost my plug and in 12 hours began labor. Today I am 40weeks with my second and lost the plug this morning so I hope that I go into labor just as quick as last time


bri - March 11

i am 8 days late on my period and i had unprotected s_x i have been late b4 but never more than 3 days my mucas changed from white to brown why could there be somthing elese wrong??


Vicki - March 12

I am 34 weeks pregnant with history of prem labour at 31 weeks. Been having small braxton hicks (?) contractions for 24 hours, quite strong, and have now had a small amount of blood stained mucus. Should I be worried?


kristina - March 17

my daughter has been loosing her m/p for over a week now first it was pinkish now its like snot. shes 2cm dialeted and 50% efaced and has been like that for 5 days now. wish things would hurry up. shes due on sunday 2 days away. like everyone says every ones different


sandy - March 20

how long does the brownish show last after stripping the membranes


Stephanie - March 29

I am 24 weeks pregnant and i think i lost my mucous plug, it was a clear yellowish string of something. it was like snot. how would i know if thats what it was.


angel - March 29

sounds like ur mucous plug.. call ur doctor


jacki - March 29

im 36w 5d i feel like im never going to have the baby... do all women lose there mucous plugs, i hear different answers from everyone i ask maybe one of you would know the right answer... i wish luck too all the prego's especially towards the end you wish everyday the baby would just come.


Karla - March 31

I have been haveing mine since 36 weeks and i am due on wensday today is friday. mine is sometimes clear sometimes lite green and sometimes yellowish gelatine like.


Nicole - April 4

I have to say the same as many. I am now 38weeks 3 days and started losing my plug three days ago. It is a thick yellowish discharge that is there every time I use the bathroom. I am 2 1/2 cm dilated and 50% effaced since Friday (today is Tuesday). My MD says it is my plug dislodging, I am hoping I have this baby soon.


Brandi - April 4

i am over my due date and just now lost my mucus plug how much longer do i have to wait


jacki - April 5

hey usually say within 2 weeks you should have the baby.... good luck



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