Mucous Plug

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Dorian - March 8

It doesnt matter the color I guess. That could be different from each one. But certainly is like gel texture, like soft silicone. I lost mine four days ago and still continue feeling irregular Braxton Hicks but no regular labor contractions.


gabby - March 17

My mucous plug was clear and at once like thick snot at 39 weeks.So I think it can range in color.


Cheralyn - March 19

I lost my mucous plug this morning. At least that's what I think it was. It was a gel-like glob and was a yellowy color, not really clear. It fell out into the inside of my pant leg after I wiped after using the restroom. I pulled my pants up and started walking to the kitchen when I noticed something slimy on my leg! Sure enough, I went to change my pants and then had to show my husband!!


vc - March 19

how long does it take for your mucous plug to finishing showing the discharge?


Nessa - March 20

i think i am loosing mine little by little. last night after i went to the bathroom i had a yellow gel like discharge. today i lost a bit more. i'm not feeling any contractions yet though.


Msshaq - March 24

I read through a google search that the mucus plug could be clear, yellow/yellow-greenish, or tinged with blood. It is actually similar to a glob of snot like after you b__w your nose and sometimes could have blood in it. This happen to me earlier during pregnancy. I am now 37wks/3 days and I lost some more of mine last night. It was a big glob of it and my panties were wet. I wiated a few more minutes and it felt like I had to pee and when I wiped more was on the tissue and some hanging just gross. I was having Bh on Sunday all day and it would not stop. I went to the hospital and I was having them the whole time and only one strong one. They examined me and I was 3cm and effaced 90%. I was sent home and told to just start walking. It did not work though.I tried the s_x thing and boy I started having painful contractions that lasted seconds from my back to front and I could not take it. They lasted for a good two hours nonstop. Before that I had a doctors appt. and I had went back down to 2cm effaced 25% after I stopped having contractions. I think I may be opening again since I started having them again. I tried the s_x thing again last night no luck. I am so ready for my baby to come because I am so uncomfortable. As far as days it varies. All the doctor can do is examine you and say any day now, which seems like months. It depends on your body and if the baby is ready. My doctor would not consider toinduce me unless I dilate to 4-5 cm. He stated it's better to carry throughout the whole 9mth due to lung development during this time. I have another appt. Tuesday. I hope baby comes this weekend though but if not I will just wait. So far no contractions. I may go walking agin today as well to see if that will bump things up. I have a 9 year old almost 10. with her I was induced at 35.5 weeks. She was ready to get out of there and was still 6lbs 11oz. I had dilated to 2 cm in my 6 month but I had been exercising and still lifting weights so I think that bought on ealry labor. Good Luck to everyone!


marie - March 27

I have been losing some of my MP (about pea to dime-sized amouts at a time)since 29 weeks, when I went into pre-term labor. Some Terbutaline shots stopped my labor quickly. Today (35 wks) I lost a large portion of my MP and it was yellowish/white. But there was not any blood or brownish cast to it.Basically just looked like a thick glob of snot (I know ewwww). But I didn't actually feel it come out as I was going to the bathroom. I'm at 35 weeks and am happy to have made it this far. I've been on bedrest for almost 2 months now. I will be so pleased to make it to 36 weeks. I would love for any prayers to be lifted up for me, the baby and my family. Best of luck to all of you pregos out there!


Holly - April 2

No it will not always have a bloody show and may not be red or brown. I found this out just this morning when I had to call the dr. after losing it. Mine was exactly what it is mucous and I'm 39 weeks along. It looked like snot or something you might sneeze up. The dr. also told me it could be up to a week before going into pregnancy or sooner or even later. Each person is different.


Jennifer - April 6

Is it ok to have s_x after you lose your mucus plug?


Maggie - April 10

My mucous plug has been coming out in fragments with no color at all. It is very clear, and jello like. I have no blood tinged or brownish color mucous. It really does look like silicone. However, it's just another thing to give you something to worry about. It's not a real labor predictor at all.


Stephanie - April 12

its yellowish green like i've never had blood in it though


Steph - April 13

I lost my mucos plug yesterday, it was one big glob that reminded me of silicone it was clear with a tinge of yellow. I am 39 weeks pregnant and this morning i woke up and went to the bathroom and there was stringy blood in the toilet. I am just continuing my walking everyday.


Jenaya - April 19

I am so glad to read these. This is my first pregnancy and I thought something was wrong with me because it is yellowis-green and not brownish-red like you usually hear.


Tina - April 22

I am three days over due with my second child. With my first one I lost my mucous plug with my frist contraction and it was a nasty brown glob. This time is different though. I lost a lot of it two days ago and it was just like a REALLY heavy discharge that was slightly off white in color. I guess the color is not different with every person.


Amy - April 27

My doc. told me yesterday that I am 3 cm dilated. Does this mean that I have lost my mucus plug or is it possible to still have the mucus plug even though I started dilating?


Nichole - May 1

I am 37 wks tomorrow, and I lost my mucous plug yesterday. I have been in "false labor" for 6 1/2 weeks now. After I was taken off of Brethine at 35 weeks, and contractions started coming at least every 10 min, I started to loose my mucous plug a little at a time. I thought it was all gone. 3 days ago I was dilated to 2 cm and 60% effaced. My doctor stripped my membranes, and I think that caused me to loose the rest of my mucous plug. Mine was yellowish-green, it honestly looked like snot. I know it's gross, but it is the truth. I am still loosing little bits, but they are very tiny. I hope this helps!



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