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trwa - April 2

Well, I did finally start my period. But it was only for 2 days (it usually lasts 7-8 days). I have been throwing up every day for the past 5 days. I took a home preg test a week after I went to the DR and it was negative. But that was able 2 weeks ago. I guess I will just wait and see what happens. If I am not pregnant, I would rather just have a normal period and no symptoms than to go through this wondering. It is sooo nerveracking.


JenniBerr - April 24

I read this forum for like an hour last night and nothing quite matched my situation. I have a 10 month old who I have been exclusively pumping for since birth (neither of us got the hang of b___stfeeding, but at least he's getting the milk). I haven't had a period yet. Then, two weeks ago my hubby and I had unprotected s_x. About a week later, i started feeling queasy, tired, sensitive to smells and not eating much. I figured I was pregnant. Since I had no period to work from, i figured I would test. a HPT came back negative (prob. too early). So, out of no where, no cramping, nothing, I started to spot. Now, its two weeks after s_x, and out of seriously, NOWHERE, I started bleeding for my first time. I a__sumed it was implantation bleeding because it was fairly light for a first period (after almost 2 years of not having it). I called the dr. and she said to get bloodwork done. anyways, I got bloodwork done Tuesday, got the results yesterday and it was negative too. It was a qualitative test. I still have the symptoms and the spotting, period, whatever, is pretty much gone. I'm still set on that I'm pregnant, but both my ob and my dr. think I'm crazy. What do you guys think??? My story is a little different because I haven't had a period since Sept. 11th of 06 because of my son. *sigh* Timeline: April 6th- Unprotected s_x April 16th- HPT- Negative April 21st- Coincidental first period OR implantation spotting? April 22nd- Qualitative bloodwork- negative, April 23rd- bleeding subsides.


Sar - April 30

Wow...I am so glad that I found this site. I will make my story as short as I can. I'm usually pretty regular - 28-30 days per cycle, been up to a week late once or twice. Well, I'm 2.5 weeks late right now. Been nauseas for 1.5 weeks, lower back pain, slight temperature - 98.9ish, acne (which I didn't even know was a symptom until I read this page!), slightly elevated white blood cell count (which my doc said is normal if pregnant), exhausted, and emotional. I took a HPT last Friday which was negative, went to doc on Saturday and got a blood test which was iffy - I have low levels of hcg...tested at a 3. So, they considered it negative but are sending me to OB-gyn for an ultrasound on Friday. I'm trying to stay neutral here...but it's hard. My body is going crazy right now because of all the symptoms I'm having...but as of right now I have nothing to really show that I'm pregnant. I guess all I can do is wait and see...hopefully I will get the answer soon! Good luck to you all!


kisa1200 - May 6

I have been feeling pregnant heartburn bloated nauseous at times headaches. Here is my story I miscarried the 23rd of march and had my period on the 22nd of april but on the 4th of may I did a home test and it was a faint positive so I did another with different urine about 30 minutes later still faint positive. So I did another one in the am negative and ever since negative had a quant_tive blood test done neg it came back 2 I am so confused I feel pregnant everything gives me heartburn was it to soon for the blood test to pick up hcg hormone? I am trying to find out as soon as I can about pregnancy as if the miscarriage was due to progestrone I don't want another miscarriage I am 38 almost 39 hubby is 39 we want 1 more.


proudmommyof2 - May 8

JenniBerr, I was wondering what your outcome was? I have been b___stfeeding my 9 1/2 old exclusively and have not had a period since I became pregnant with her in Oct 2006. This might be too much info, but I was having v____al dryness for about 8 months and had no desire for intercourse and out of the blue I started feeling like doing the deed and began having more than enough cm.. My hubby and I took advantage of this increased libido and about a week and a half after I began to have all of my normal pregnancy symptoms.. Headaches,lower backaches, slight nausea all day, and extra saliva( and cm). I took 3 HPT's and said Not pregnant and had qualitative blood test done and negative. A few days later I started getting more and more tired and my symptoms persisted and went back and asked my Dr. for a quantative blood test which came back at a 0. I still feel pregnant. He did a v____al exam and said that my uterus felt slightly enlarged and scheduled me for a sonogram on Monday. I have no history of any cysts or anything like that and he said that everything looked good from what he could see. I don't know if my body is gearing up for a period or if I am indeed preggo.. If it is in fact a period starting up after over a year and a half, it may be why I am having symptoms that I never had before a period?? So confused? Anyone have a similar story?


leilani1979 - May 14

I have been off of the pill for 6 months and trying to have a baby. On 5/12 I took a home test with a faint positive. On 5/13 I took a blood test and today 5/14 got the results back as negitive. I am 1+ weeks late. We have been tring my boy friend has been trying longer that me.


MelissaD - May 15

I did ovulate now I'm 4 days late on my period. I did take at home test and blood test two days ago they both came back negative. Could I still be prego. I have all symptoms. Sore b___bs late period sick, etc.......


alsosoconfused - May 27

Well, i'm in a confused situation also... my period were late.. I took to hone pregnancy test. both positive.. i started spotting.. went to the doctor's he sent me for a blood test.. the secretary called me back saying my test was negative but she would consult the doctor about my hcg levels.. The test was done 6 days after my missed periods. i have light bleeding which is nowhere near what are my periods... but what is going on? which results are false? i've i misscarried.. i have no cramping. I also have fatigue and sore b___bs... don't know what to think anymore.. ultrasound coming up on friday..... let me know what you think...


woahbaby13 - June 5

i'm in an awful, confusing situation as well! i was on the pill for about a year but stopped taking it in january. i had regular periods in february, march and april. i am now 12 days late, with not a drop of blood to be seen the entire month of may. sore b___bs, on and off nausea, and heart burn once but it's still something because i never have it. i've taken 3 hpt, the most recent on tuesday [10 days late] all said negative. i had a blood test [i'm a__suming the yes or no kind] on monday [9 days late] that was also negative. WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON!!! everything except the tests is telling me i'm pregnant, but what do i believe, my body or the tests? is it possible to convince yourself that you are pregnant so you get the symptoms? i'm 19 and definitely not trying to get pregnant, but not necessarily devastated if i am... so confused! obviously i'm stressing NOW but no significant stress in my life before to cause my period to be late in the first place. HELP!!!


GOLDY - June 5

I have similar concerns at the moment. All the symptoms but negative blood and ultrasound. The utrasound person said that if you are under about 3-4 weeks nothing can be seen and my dr has stated that if you are very early term negative blood may not always be correct so i have been asked to return in 3-4 weeks for more blood tests, so obviously when you are very very early into the pregancy there can be some false negatives or my Dr would not be asking me to wait to retest at what would be 4-6 weeks after waht i though could be the conception date. I have also found a response on a website from a person who works at the at a blood pathology place and they have said that the fertilized eggs needs time to implant to give a positive reading or else it will be false. Don't give hope if you are trying to fall pregnant adn maybe ask your dr to retest you in a few weeks both blood and ultrasound so you definately know either way. :)


Babybaw4 - June 18

I would say No as the Blood Test is almost 100% accurate. Your not pregnant


Cham - June 25

Hello there! I have read all written in this forum, I'm glad i did coz I can also compare what I am experiencing right now. Have my LMP April 30 '08. I did my first urine test Last June 13'08 but got negative result, then waited for a week and did it again, but still got negative result. I have no preg symptoms except always sleepy and always feel tired. I observed also that my lower abs is getting bigger, sometimes skip my lunch and dinner yet i gain weight. I haven't visit my obgy yet. I am confused almost two months yet no period. Is anyone have this experience before, negative preg test but still pregnant?


LindsayLove - June 30

i don't think so. ANd if you somehow are, then it is very rare.


Nida - July 1

Hi !! i was a little as i have missed my period it's been like 2 weeks by now and no signs of period. Me and my husband were trying to have a baby for the last 3 yrs....but i have stoppped taking any pills for 7 months but now naturally my period got missed..i had 5 urine tests and one blood tests both were negative. Im desperately looking for optimistic answers can u miss a period for that long too when u are alright though out?..My Hcg in blood was 1.2...Is that Okay witht his Hcg still i have chances to be pregnant?


mom24ancounting - August 15

My AF was due on Aug 6 and still nothing. I was regular for 5 months then missed. I have all the symptoms and have had mixed tests (urine & digital.) 4 were positive albeit faint and 3 were negative. My last one was a first response and came up almost straight away faint line, then after 10 minutes went away, then later on still I can still see the line (very very faint, but pink not clear or white) I am almost scared to take a blood test if it comes up negative as we have been trying for three years and when I saw the line I told him and we both blurted it out to some friends. If we aren't we will look like fools. If we are I'm praying this one stays put as had two m/c's before this one.


Angei - August 22

what is AF? I'm awaiting my blood results and have had three positive test(one which i took yesterday and the positive came up horizontal instead of vertical...what does this mean?) I have all the symptoms and am 10 days late for my period...your help would be muchly appreciated thanks!



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