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Mary - December 17

i have a question and maybe someone can help me..i took the clear blue preg test on Thursday and all 2 were i went to a clinic on friday and they told me i wasnt preg, so when i told them what happend they took a blood a test and 15 minutes later they told me it was i was really confused because normally they say that hpt are for sure..I came home and i took another test and it was positive...i decided to buy the digital EPT and it came out as not pregnant...can someone please help


js - December 19

Sorry ladies - as much as you want to be pregnant, if you have a neg blood test, it's 99.9999999% positive you are not.


confused - December 20

i'm going thru a similar situation in which i just went to the dr. yest and was told negative. i should have started AF on 12/15 and it's now 12/20. Only time will tell. I am awaiting blood work today.


confused - December 20

sorry forgot to post that my symptoms are as follows: nausea for about 3 weeks, slight bloating and cramping. thinking AF will start any day (which are also preggo symptoms). blood work should be pretty certain as they detect hormone sooner. Any of you out there have any updates? Did you start your cycle yet?


confused - December 20

Mary, i could be wrong, but i would suspect that if the blood work said neg, then that's the most accurate. HPT can have alot of faults such as expired, may not have let it run under the urine long enough, etc. but how did they give you back the results so quick? usually blood work takes a few hours for lab. anyway, i would continue to wait for AF, as that is the only sure thing after blood work. time will tell....


Laura - December 20

So here's an update from my Dec 7 post. So a week after my blood test I still was nauseas and sore b___st so I called my doc's office and they got me in that day. My doc ordered another blood test but this time the one that measures the actually amount of HCG if present. The results were negative. Five days after receiving theses results I got AF. I guess our minds have a lot more influence over our bodies then we think. I must have convinced myself that I was pregnant and my body started to believe it, hence all the symptoms. So my advice get the more accurate blood test to ease your mind and if it is neg then try to relax and everything should go back to normal.


Mary - December 21's very weird, because i know that blood work normally should take about 2-3 days right???? but i went to a clinic, and took blood and they told me like 15 minutes i'm so confused...I took 3 clearblue test and all came out positive, I took 2 in the morning and one @ night and postive. but then I took the first response after and that one was negative..SO last cycle was done last month on the 14th, but i have very irregular periods so I dont know..How about you, how are you doing?


confused - December 21

Mary and all, my update is that I got my bloodwork results back . Negative. I couldn't believe it. It was like hearing that a family member or something pa__sed away. I just couldn't believe it because I feel all the symptoms (I have been pregnant before and had miscarriage about 4 months ago). I am trying to figure out what all the feelings are if they are not pregnancy symptoms. I know I even had implantation bleeding but who knows now, it could have been breakthrough. I guess I will have to wait for AF but every day I keep thinking I feel pregnant. I feel like I will find out one of these days I guess, just not soon enough! Why is it such a hard yes/no answer. Pregnant or not! AAARRRRGHHHHH.


confused - December 22

Hello All, Just to update you, I am now at day 39 of my cycle and still feel preggo. Not sure when to get another blood test just to confirm.. the Dr. will think I'm nuts. He said I could have had an anovulatory (sp?) cycle and may not have ovulated which I doubt. Anyway, I'm still here, no AF and no positive results...


Jamie - December 28

well I had made mention on here before about me taking 2 urine home test and 1 at the doctor and all were positive and then started spotting and cramping lots and the blood tests were negitive and that was all in november 16-26th and now its december 28th and i'm not bleeding or cycling does this mean i can actually be pregnant?


confused - December 28

Jamie, It could be possible but with negative blood tests, that's pretty definate and I would think by now it would show. It could also be possible that you are not pregnant and just waiting for your hormones to return and start cycling again for next month.


mswett - January 6

I am so frustrated.... I had my period Dec. 6th.. I have been having irregular periods, but not on any medication etc... anyway, my b___sts started to hurt veiny, bloated, gas etc.... took Clear Blue Easy Digital got a positive last Friday.. Went to the doctors today, negative dip test and neg blood test.. what the hell, however he told me to wait two weeks, test again and nothing to call. I hate this.. I was so upset.. d__n home test!!!


mswett - January 8

Oh so anyway, as I was saying, had the negative blood test last Friday right.. so went home a little irriated because I had a positive digital the week before and guess what?? Saturday morning 6 a.m. took another digital and yes, "said Pregnant" Could I have been too early for the blood test? I think because I am 38 days, I am still in my cycle until @ 14th


Narelle - January 13

Ok i've had 3 blood test but first 1 was done too early, they've all come back negative, I've also had an ultra sound and nothing showed. I've had sore b___st for a week, my backs been aching and i've also had pelvic paid. could i still be pregnant. I do get a period but it doesn't last long


sparkles - January 14

Yes, it is possible to get neg. tests, but still be PG. I'm proof of that! All my HPTs and blood test came back neg. weeks after I got PG. My hCG level was 2! Yet, I was getting pregnancy s/s during that whole time. I had read about women being PG and getting neg. test results, but never thought in a million years I would be one of them. Apparently, it's more common than we think. A woman's hCG level can be very low in early pregnancy and not indicate a pos. result. Fortunately, I happened to take an HPT a month later just for kicks and got my pos.......right before my now-previous OB/GYN was going to start me on fertility drugs for ??lack of ovulation??. He was a bright one! I'm happy to say I'm now 26 weeks PG! Hang in there girls! If you really feel like something is up, wait it out. For some women, it takes longer for the hCG level to rise. Those blood tests are not always accurate in diagnosing pregnancy. Go with your gut feeling, since us women know our bodies better than any md or test result.


Carrie - January 19

a friend of mine was 8 and a half months preg. and her urine and blood tests still showed up neg. it just depends on ur hcg levels in ur body.



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