Showing Too Early

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taylormade - February 20

I am 11 weeks pregnant and I am showing as well, i say it depends on the female and there body. You cant say that it is unlikely for a person to not be showing already because you wasnt or your friend wasnt. I had just lost 45 lbs and kept it off and now I'm nothing but stomach at 11 weeks, so yes it is possible to show this early


yumymumy - February 26

everyone is differant noone is the same. jodie86 you could well be showing early, its increased blood volume, fluid retention and whatever the baby is messuring wich is probably around 7 cm, then the placenta is oviously bigger. my fetal messurment is 12cm from crown to rump but my stomache messurement from uterus to lower is messureing 3 weeks ahead. wich means im 'showing' overall bigger. becasue its my 2nd preg, my body frame, my pre preg weight size all of that has to do with how you show. just be happy your preg and go with ya body and bump!:)


cdon02 - November 9

I am worried,.I am 13 weeks pregnant and I am showing a lot. For my first pregnancy I didnt start showing at all until I was about 5 months along so this time I am showing much earlier but I was also about 20 lbs heavier before I started this pregancy than I was for my first one. I have been wearing maternity clothes since I was about 10 weeks along. Is this normal?


jenny32 - November 13

Everyone is different but did your DR. give you any hints?


vividbeauty - December 14

Don't worry it all depends on the persons body. Everyone is different. I didn't show until 4-5 months. I'm a pretty tiny person. Your baby could also be a big baby it all depends on how much weight you gain. I don't think there's really any concern but if you have any questions I would advise you to always contact your OBG.


saffuk2003 - January 13

i am 9 weeks pregnant and my trousers are all ready tight on my belly. i was all ready on the larger side when i fell pregnant and didnt think i would 'show' so early but u can clearly see the shape to the point people thought i could be having twins! This is perfectly normal but it all depends on how your body works and everyone is different. Due to the elasticity of your stomach that has all ready been stretched once then it does prepare itself earlier as its been through it once before and i guess finds it easier this time round. It is also very common to feel your baby movements earlier at around 14weeks but again it varies from woman to woman. Good luck to everyone whether it being ur first or more


Ilona - January 14

That would be normal given how tiny you are!


ShannaBrown - February 18

I am only 5 weeks and feel like i have a beer belly. ( well maybe not beer ) but i know its WAY to early for baby belly. This is my first, im def. not over weight but is this a "normal" thing?? Clothes are not fitting tight yet but I noticed that i cant suck in the bottom part of my tummy. Also, is it ok to not feel the cramps? It comes and goes. Not bad cramps at all. I just want to know that everything is going the way it should be! We want this baby more than anything!!!! Thanks for your help in advance


rimsicle121 - February 22

I feel the exact same way ShannaBrown....I'm constantly surfing the net trying to figure out if all this is normal. I'm just over 5 weeks and have such a belly, my "fat" pants get umcomfortable after a big meal. And I had a lot of discomfort in my abdomen....don't want to call it pain, more of a uncomfortableness. This is my first and I'm around 5"8 and about 145pds.


chloe_a - February 23

Hiya Jodie. Im 6 weeks and i feel like im fatter but its cause im so bloated! My friend is 15 weeks and you can see a small bump on her, shes tiny tho. if your naturally a small build, youl see it from 4months onwards x


Clint2012 - July 9

Hi i am exactly 11 weeks and five days along and im already starting to get a bump. Its there whether i eat or not. In fact my stomache gets even BIGGER! when i eat. What the heck?


Clint2012 - July 9

I am eleven weeks and five days along. I alreay heve a bump thats there when i eat and when i havent even ate yet. Whats going on?



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