Maternity Casual Dresses - Summer Dresses, Cocktail Dresses and More...

One of the neat things about pregnancy is that it spans the better part of a year, so you get to wear all kinds of clothing. Cocktail parties, weddings and other events take place all year round as well, so it's important to have a nice, but not necessarily overstocked, wardrobe of maternity wear to choose from when you have to go out.

Things to Remember When Choosing Maternity Clothing

It's important to remember a few things in connection with choosing maternity party dresses or maternity semi-formal dresses, and that is to remember your own personal style. If you wore tailored clothing before you conceived, then stick with that style, just find cuts that fit your pregnant body. It isn't necessary to wear tent-like dresses when you're pregnant - at any stage. Clothing that fits your body and hugs your baby bump gently is far more flattering. Try something with a tie at the back of an empire waistline or side-shirring for shape and form. Remember that your body will be changing regularly, so don't buy all of your clothing at one time. Buy as you need, but don't wait too long to begin. You'll be far more comfortable and your dollar will stretch farther if you purchase outfits that fit well before you begin popping out of them.

Ah, The Maternity Maxi Dress

Angelina Jolie made the Bohemian style of maternity maxi dresses the epitome of fashion, and it's not only feminine and comfortable, but it can be worn throughout the pregnancy. An off the shoulder maternity cocktail dress is just an incarnation of the maxi dress, and if the fabric is bright and colorful, then this boho style can be a great maternity summer dress as well. There really is no end to the adventure and opportunities afforded by this simple, elegant style of maternity wear.

If you're into the trendier styles of clothing, then maternity sundresses appearing as printed frocks or tunic dresses will be just the ticket for those hot summer days. A summer wedding or garden party is the perfect place for an empire waist, halter-top dress. It shows off enough pregnancy cleavage to be sexy, and is still demure and ladylike. Any length can be worn. If your legs are great and you love to show them off, then choose something short, or go with the popular maxi dress if that suits your fancy. Dress it up with a great neck piece and earrings, and you're a fashion statement.

Proms and Homecomings - Why Not?

There are many young women who end up pregnant and in some cases having their babies before they finish school. Kudos to them for continuing on to complete their education. The pressure to finish school, buy baby clothing and other baby needs as well as remain a part of their school social life is more than challenging.  For these ladies, maternity homecoming dresses and maternity prom dresses are an important consideration. Since maternity wear is no longer the tent top and shapeless skirt of the past, or the tent-dress that hid everything but made a woman look like she was hiding in a sheet, it is possible to find some very sexy and beautiful dresses for those special dates. A gently fitting knit dress that falls in folds to the floor can be very flattering. Or, if hiding the baby bump is important, then a tiered or layered dress with a stunning embroidered or jeweled yoke will draw attention away from the baby bump and up to the face or down to the feet. Just be sure that you feel beautiful in whatever style you choose. There is no reason to forsake the pleasure of dressing up, especially for special occasions.

All The Rage

Floral frocks are all the rage this year as pregnant women are wearing dresses rather than opting for leggings and sweaters. Not that there's anything wrong with leggings and sweaters - but they have their place. When it comes to maternity casual dresses, especially for warmer weather wear, floral prints have it. They are fresh, delicate, and have the power to make a woman feel feminine in her pretty frock. Maternity summer dresses are prettier than ever thanks to the floral designs used today.

No matter the occasion, by shopping for clothing that is appealing to your own personal style, you can find a perfect dress for that event or function. Or, just find a pretty dress and wear it because it makes you feel beautiful.

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