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What is a Boutique?

Back in the 1960s, when the Beatles were becoming The Beatles, and the sounds of England dominated the music charts, another phenomena happened. Boutiques became the way to shop and the way to merchandise. For a brief time Carnaby Street and Kings Road in London, England, were the hippest places to shop and Twiggy was the model every young woman wanted to emulate. Boutique is the French word for "shop" and it's actually just a small shopping outlet, usually one that specializes in clothing, jewelry or something exclusive or elite. Back in the '60s, African boutiques were all the rage in the US just as miniskirts and hot pants were the items to buy in exclusive shops in England.

Where We Find Boutiques Today

Today boutique shopping can be done in a mall or in a department store that has an area set apart for specialty items. A pregnancy boutique can be 2000 square feet of space in Old Navy that is designated as the place for maternity wear. Maternity clothing boutiques abound and with franchising being such a great way to develop business, we are seeing more pregnancy boutiques than ever. One such franchise boutique is Mimi Maternity where you can buy great styles in maternity clothing for reasonable prices. Another one is Motherhood Maternity, where some of the best prices are found on maternity dresses and clothing. Since each franchise is purchased and is there an individual store, the clothing styles may vary. As franchise stores there is a basic plan to the operation, but individual ownership allows for some creativity in stocking the store. It also means that return policies may be affected as a result of the different products available in each franchise store.

Gap Maternity is a boutique that, in some places, is part of the larger Gap store and in others it is a small, separate, boutique store that features all of Gap Maternity's great fashions for maternity clothing. You can get hip maternity wear and be assured that the quality and prices are consistent with Gap stores across the country.

One-of-a-Kind Boutiques

Becoming Mommy is a maternity clothing and breastfeeding supply boutique in Pittsburgh, PA. Their goal is to make a woman feel comfortable and look beautiful during her pregnancy. They are able to live up to this goal by having a huge selection of maternity and breastfeeding clothing and accessories as well as excellent service and product knowledge. This particular boutique features some of the top names in maternity wear designer fashions and is set apart by the fact that they cater to the women who are their customers. Since there is only one store, a boutique, the feel is different and so is the service.

Just for Baby - Baby Boutiques

Baby boutiques are plentiful as well. In the same manner as pregnancy boutiques are often franchises, such is the case with baby boutiques. Such names as Stork Enterprises, Papillon and Babies R Us are familiar to parents of infants and young children. Many children's clothing designers have boutiques featuring their clothing and kids' furnishing lines exclusively. There are baby boutiques that are delightful places, one of a kind, that feature hand made items of clothing and furniture that you will not find anywhere else.

Whether you shop at a franchise boutique like Motherhood Maternity, Mimi Maternity or at a maternity clothing boutique that is one of a kind, the clothing offerings are plentiful and delightful. You can find your hip maternity fashions or your delightful baby styles in some of the most out of the way places.

Happy Hunting.

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