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Always In Vogue

Most of our readers probably have only heard the names Grace Kelly, Jackie Onassis, and Audrey Hepburn and don't remember them in their prime. However, your mothers do and if you were to ask them, they would tell you that these three women epitomized grace, style, and class - and all three of them were known for their fashion sense. They also all used scarves in one way or another to accessorize their clothing. Now, don't get ahead of us - we're not going back to the "dark ages", we are fast forwarding to today and the recent trend toward using scarves as accessories. They are actually very feminine and alluring, and make a fashion statement.

Today's Fashion Statement

In France, pregnant women are using designer scarves to show off their baby bumps. A wonderful long scarf is tied over top of a knit dress or long tunic top and knotted to the side. What a fashion statement it makes (besides showing off baby). Hand painted silk scarves are luxurious and stylish and can give any woman a sense of beauty and class. There are many places to buy these gorgeous accessories, with great sites where you can do your shopping online as well. These sites also offer tutorials on tying scarves, which is an art in and of itself.

The shapes and sizes of scarves are endless, which means they can be used for everything from a neck scarf to head scarves. Speaking of head scarves, did you know that wearing a scarf over your hair promotes the health of your hair? To top it off, those who make the calls in the fashion industry have predicted that head scarves, scarf hats and hair wraps will be making their mark as a hot fashion trend. Women who have had to endure chemotherapy have learned the value of head scarves and have used them as a means of defying illness and embracing life. What a wonderful statement they make.

Versatile, Beautiful, Classy

The versatility of scarves for pregnant women is a real bonus. If you don't want to "wrap the baby in silk" because you're just not that overt, then a long, lovely scarf around your neck and under the collar of your long tunic jacket adds beauty and color. The Chanel wrap is a favorite and looks great with tunic tops and pants or jeans. Square scarves can be used around the neck, tied at the side of the neck, in the front or at the back - the choice is yours. Rather than wearing a necklace, wear a scarf! Choose your scarves in the color you love to balance and accentuate your outfits.

Of course, in the winter (in many parts of the world) the weather is cold enough to warrant a woolly scarf. Winter scarves come in a plethora of patterns, fabrics, widths and lengths. For a casual look, men's scarves in plaid are a great way to add an outdoor touch to a jacket. If you're looking for something for work, a man's scarf in a solid color with a trench coat looks amazing. There's just no end to the things you can do with scarves.

Scarf or Shawl?

One of the fabrics commonly used in making scarves is pashmina - a very soft type of silky wool. Pashmina scarves can be purchased in an extra large size and worn as a shawl, which happens to look fabulous with jeans and a great maternity turtleneck or sweater. An extra long pashmina can be an extra long neck scarf as well, or wrap it around and sling it over one shoulder for a stylish coverup.

There's no question about it, scarves are alluring, elegant and definitely feminine. Having an array of beautiful scarves can extend your maternity wardrobe and go on to give life to your regular wardrobe once baby is born.

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