Tank Tops - Novelty Maternity Tank Tops

Part of the Basic Wardrobe

No matter what time of year you are enjoying pregnancy (and pregnancy lasts at least ¾ of the year) there are some articles of maternity clothing that serve in myriad ways. Along with leggings, the prize goes to tank tops. T-shirts and sweatshirts come close as well in terms of relaxed wear, but tank tops can be worn alone, under anything and over some things. They're versatile and look great as a stand alone or a compliment to an outfit.

Tank Tops are Readily Available

Pregnancy tank tops are available in maternity shops, but unless you're purchasing nursing tank tops, you can get away with buying tank tops in department stores. Old Navy has tank tops that are regular tanks labeled "long". These work well for maternity wear as do regular tops that are labeled tunic tops. Plus size maternity tank tops are becoming easier to find in department stores and in maternity shops - with more stores carrying plus size maternity wear these days. Up until the past two or three years, plus size women had precious few things to choose from, but that is slowly turning around as more designers are recognizing the need to clothe pregnant women of all sizes and shapes.

A Onesie Tank Top for Maternity Wear

A relatively new line of tank tops and tees for maternity wear has been designed by a mother of three children who couldn't bear having her tops riding up her belly any longer. Bashful Bump's maternity body suit looks like a tank or tee, but fits like a body suit and is perfect for low-rise jeans - the cuts that can leave a pregnant woman feeling overexposed when she bends down. These one-piece beauties fasten at the front of the lower body, so the closure is easy to reach. They're ideal for tall or large women who feel exposed and small women who feel overwhelmed with maternity apparel. The bodysuit tanks have a built-in shelf bra that provides light support and the tops can be worn alone, layered under a tunic or cardigan, dressed up or down.

Nursing Tank Tops

Glamourmom Nursing Bra tummy control nursing tank tops are stylish tops that look like regular tank tops only they have special features for nursing. The tummy control tank can be worn alone or layered and has a special panel that helps to flatten the mummy tummy. It combines the best of both worlds. The built-in nursing bra has a soft cup frame, elastic shelf for support and adjustable straps for comfort. It's long enough to cover the tummy and the built-in support panel flattens without surgery. That's a real bonus!

Novel Tank Tops

Nursing tank tops detach at the strap to allow for easy nursing, and they can be worn alone or under a sweater, jacket, sweatshirt, shirt, or anything else you choose to wear it with. Some of them are available with novel remarks on them, as are pregnancy tank tops. Most of us have seen the cute, novel and sometimes funny tank tops available for pregnant and nursing moms. Some of the remarks on the shirts say out loud what many women are thinking. For example, some funny maternity tank top remarks that continue to get a smile include:

Does this baby make me look fat?

I'm pregnant - this is as perky as I get

(This one is a favorite) No, really, pregnant women just LOVE it when you tell them how BIG they look.

And for those women who have already given birth to another child, the following funny comments are quite applicable:

Oops, I did it again

P.R.O. (pregnant really often)

Even Gwyneth Paltrow was seen in a novelty maternity tank top when she was pregnant with her daughter, Apple. "Bun in the Oven" graced her belly and she wore her shirt without shame.

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