Healthy Pregnancy if you are having twins

Here are some tips to help you have a healthy pregnancy:

  • Proper Nutrition: Low birth weight is one of the most common problems with a multiple birth. However, following a healthy diet can help lower your babies' risk of this complication. Thus, when eating for three or more, be sure to consume about 300 additional calories along with one additional protein serving, one additional calcium serving and one additional whole grains serving.
  • Extra Care: Expert medical monitoring can help reduce many of the risks associated with multiple pregnancies. By adhering to your appointment schedule, which will be more frequent, you can ensure that you are getting the best care possible.
  • Increased Weight Gain: Due to the extra baby and the extra baby by-products, your practitioner will most likely advise a carefully monitored weight gain of at least 35 to 45 pounds.
  • Proper Rest: Since your body will be working twice as hard, it will need twice as much rest. Ensure that you take regular breaks from your daily actvities. Getting at least eight hours of sleep will also ensure that your body is properly rested. Yor doctor may prescribe taking an early leave from work, getting help with the housework and even bed rest at home.
  • Complications of Twins and Multiple Pregnancies

    There can be a higher risk of complications with twins than with single births. Along with the regular monitoring of fetal growth and normal complications of pregnancy, like high blood pressure, you will also be monitored for complications specific to multiple births, such as intrauterine growth retardation and twin-to-twin transfusions.

    Giving Birth to Twins

    In years past, cesarean was the common way for delivering multiple births. However, vaginal birth is usually very safe for multiples, who frequently need the stimulation and rise in hormones levels associated with labor.

    Whether or not you will have a vaginal birth will depend on many factors, including the position of the babies and how the babies tolerate labor.

    If your babies are in a position where neither can move, they are said to be locked. These babies will have to be born via cesarean.

    Breech babies really depend on the size of the baby and the skill of the practitioner. Usually if one of the babies is head down, a vaginal birth will be attempted.

    If the second twin is breeched or a transverse baby, an internal or external cephalic version may be attempted to help out with the birthing process.

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