Caring For Your New Born Baby

The first Few Hours After Birth

The first few hours after your baby's birth will be an exciting, awesome and exhilarating experience. In these moments, with your baby close to you, all your dreams, hopes and plans come together.

Many Mothers ask their Health care provider or Midwife to let them have the first few hours after the birth of their baby to be left to them, undisturbed. This is a very important and amazing time, as after a long nine months your little miricale has finally arrived, and lying in your arms.

After the birth, your newborn should be thoroughly dried with warm towels so as not to lose heat. Once it's clear that he has good color and is active and normal, he can be placed between your breasts, on your abdomen or right next to you as the two of you and your partner rest together.

The time spent together will have a huge impact on both you and your newborn. Not only will it put you at ease, your baby will feel so much more secure in it;'s new surroundings with the comfort and warmth of your body warming his/her body. it is often also thought that a newborn will recognise it;s mothers voice and smell, and therefore feel more safe and comforterd and rest easier.

Comforting a crying Baby

We all know that all babies cry, and at about two weeks of age, it is not unusual for babies to develop a difficult period in the evening that can last many hours. You might also be worried about colic.

It's a difficult period, as you will be wanting to comfort your baby, and try to find out what is wrong with him/her. All your efforts may end in more crying or no solution. Here are a few different suggestions we think you might find easy and effective in comforting your baby.

New Positions

  • Hold your baby facedown over your forearm with his head at your elbow and your thumb and fingers wrapped around his thigh.
  • Hold your baby seated in your hand with his back to your chest and your other hand across his chest, wrapping your thumb and fingers around his upper arm.
  • Hold your baby high over your shoulder so his stomach is being pressed into your shoulder bone.
  • Cradle your baby in your arms, holding him tummy-to-tummy tightly against you.

Rhythmic Motion

  • Walking around
  • Rocking vertically by doing deep-knee bends.
  • Swaying side to side or back and forth while standing up
  • Rocking back and forth in a comfortable rocking chair
  • Warmth

    • Swaddle your baby tightly in a receiving blanket.
    • Hold your baby close to you so she can receive your warmth.
    • Put a heating pad in your baby's sleep area to warm the sheets before putting her down. Take out the heating pad and check the temperature of the sheets to be sure they're comfortably warm.
    • Lay your baby facedown over a wrapped hot-water bottle on your lap.

    Soothing Sounds

    • Speak reassuring words in a soft, low voice.
    • Hum and sing familiar songs you enjoy.
    • Make a tape recording of a dishwasher, washing machine, vacuum cleaner or clothes dryer to let your baby hear repeated swooshing sounds. A fan or humidifier in the baby's room can sometimes do the trick, as can a radio tuned to the static between stations.
    • Play classical, new age, soft rock or soft jazz music. No heavy metal, please! It makes babies nervous


  • Firmly but gently massage your baby's back from the neck down to his bottom.
  • Firmly pat or rub your baby on his back and bottom.In a warm room, lay your baby on a firm surface and gently massage his tummy with clockwise strokes.
  • If you think his discomfort may be resulting from gas, this can help move down the gas. Then gently press his knees into his abdomen to push out the gas.
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