Pilates to help you regain control

The hormonal changes you experienced during your pregnancy allowed your body to stretch and grow to accommodate your baby and allow you to give birth.

Now that the baby is here, those ligaments and muscles are still stretched to some degree and need to be reminded of what life was like before pregnancy. Take your time and be patient, it will all come back soon as Pilates helps you regain control over your body.

Mind-Body Workout with Pilates Post-Pregnancy

Pilates is a mind/body workout and does not allow for ballistic movement or thrusting to complete an exercise. It is the engaging of the mind and the muscles together, executing the movement with precision.

After your baby is born, when you attempt a roll-up (Pilates form of sit-ups) you may think your body has gone AWOL as it refuses to do what your mind is telling it to do. The most important aspect to focus on initially is locating your muscles with your mind; don't worry if the muscles don't do what you want them to do initially.

Once your mind and muscles make the connection, they can communicate together to get your fitness program underway and get the job done. Also, by taking the time and focusing on the mind/body connection when you are doing your Pilates exercises, you'll find your body awareness and appreciation exceeds what it was before the baby came along.

Patience is Important - Post-Pregnancy Pilates Works

The idea of Pilates is to get your mind and body to work as a unit. Don't be discouraged at the beginning if it seems that they don't communicate well - it will come with perseverance and patience.

After all, it took nine months (or more) to have the baby, give yourself some time to get over having been pregnant.

There is no pat answer to how long it will take to flatten your tummy, but we can tell you this - one of the very best ways to get the job done is by strengthening your core. And, the best way to do that is with Pilates.

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