Am I Pregnant?

There are several symptoms and physiological signs that point toward pregnancy besides the missed period, which is the most common. You may have some light bleeding or spotting shortly after the time of ovulation. It may appear to be a very light period, however, it could also be implantation bleeding, which occurs when the fertilized egg (zygote) makes the journey to the uterus and implants there, becoming the embryo. This can be accompanied by cramping, which could make you wonder if you are having a period. Certainly, it can be confusing.

More Signs of Pregnancy

Another of the signs of pregnancy is breast tenderness and this too can cause some confusion because it is much like premenstrual breast tenderness. However, when you're pregnant, the breasts are not only tender, they also become heavy and swollen. If your breasts are feeling full and heavy as well as sore or tender, then you may have yet another sign of pregnancy. Both symptoms of light bleeding and cramping along with sore breasts can be confused with menstruation. They're very close in terms of outward signs.

Nausea and vomiting, sometimes referred to as morning sickness, is almost like a confirmation stamp. Of all signs of pregnancy, this one is most associated with conception. Once this begins to happen a pregnancy test is in order.

Of course, you don't have to wait until all of these symptoms are present to do a home pregnancy test. Some women can tell you the day they conceived, they are in tune with their bodies and know intuitively when they became pregnant. Others don't know until they take the test. Some women have many symptoms, others few, and some have none at all.

Performing a Home Pregnancy Test and Checking with the Doctor

There are a number of home pregnancy tests that are very good and reliable. They are available at most pharmacies, and even in some grocery stores. A couple of them can give you the answer to your question up to five or six days in advance of the missed period.

Once you have a positive pregnancy test you will want to connect with your doctor to discuss vitamins and folic acid, if you're not already taking them. Folic acid is necessary to prevent neural tube defects and, if you've been trying to conceive, then you should be taking it before you get pregnant.

When Will the Baby be Born?

Once you have confirmed your pregnancy and the answer to your question is YES, a pregnancy calculator will help you determine when your baby will be born. These wonderful items take the information you input into them, including the date of your last period and ovulation information, then it gives you the date the baby should be born.

As you progress in your pregnancy, your doctor will order an ultrasound to confirm the due date. Sometimes we get the dates wrong when we input them and sometimes we aren't sure when our last period was. That's why an ultrasound is necessary.

Now the fun begins. You can begin following your pregnancy and even have a daily notice sent to you via internet that tells you where you are in your pregnancy and where your baby is in terms of pregnancy weeks, growth, progress, and what to expect. It's exciting and informative. You will learn about yourself and your baby, and the pregnancy weeks will fly by as you watch your baby growing in your womb.

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can someone anwser my question??...i took 6 fertibella hpt they all were positive but i think its to soon am i really pergnant?..or just alittle surpised...idk help me
12 years ago