Learn How to Recognize Your Unique Pregnancy Symptoms

If you're like most women trying to get pregnant, you tend to be ever-watchful for each possible symptom that might, ("Oh please God, yes!), turn out to be a pregnancy symptom. But on the other hand, you don't want to get your hopes up too high only to have them dashed again when your period arrives.

That makes it difficult to know how to react to a sudden combination of symptoms such as those you might experience during stomach flu—or pregnancy. You're vomiting, you're fatigued; are these pregnancy symptoms signs that you are pregnant? Or are these pregnancy symptoms signs that you have the stomach flu? See what we mean? Of course you do, it's you we're talking about, here!

At any rate, if you think it's just possible you might have conceived there are definite symptoms that are associated with pregnancy. Many of these pregnancy symptoms occur during the first trimester of pregnancy. Some of these signs are emotional, while other signs are physical.

Healthy Pregnancy

If you have had issues that would put you into the category of a high risk pregnancy, you'll want to learn how to spot pregnancy symptoms before missed periods can occur. This way you are ensured of getting the best possible start at a healthy pregnancy by getting early prenatal care. However, by the time you miss a period, you may already be 2-3 weeks pregnant. So, how do you spot pregnancy symptoms before missed periods?

A great many of the first trimester symptoms mimic the symptoms that some women experience just before they get their menstrual periods. You might experience these symptoms within one or two weeks of conception. Some of the earliest first trimester symptoms include:


*Pregnancy headaches   

*Mood swings

*Implantation bleeding

*Breast changes

*Flu-like symptoms

*Food cravings (often for something unusual)

*Frequent urination

*Nausea (morning sickness)

As time elapses, you will find that your aureolas, the area surrounding your nipples, will swell and darken. At this time, some of your early pregnancy symptoms will disappear. While many women say they have intense fatigue in the earliest stages of their pregnancies, the fatigue leaves fast and then most pregnant women will experience a wonderful sense of energy until such time as late pregnancy arrives.

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