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A small study done in Britain back in 1999 suggested that using vitamin C and vitamin E supplements could help prevent preeclampsia by clearing a woman's system of free radicals suspected to 

cause preeclampsia.

However, these findings have recently proven to be false. Furthermore, the additional intake of these particular vitamins may actually increase your risk of having a low-birthweight baby.

In this other study, the same researchers who performed the first trial examined 2,400 pregnant women, all of whom were at high-risk of developing preeclampsia. While half of the women were given vitamin supplements, the other half received a placebo.

By the end of the study, 15% of women who had received vitamins had developed preeclampsia while 16% of those taking a placebo had preeclampsia. Yet, 28% of women from the vitamin group gave birth to a low-birthweight baby compared to 24% of women from the placebo group.

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