Baby Needs Checklist

Baby Needs Checklist

Below is a checklist of all the things you will need to buy before your baby is born. All you have to do is print it off. 

Use it as a guide. It is always best to wait until you are at least three months pregnant before buying in for the baby as you might find out what sex your baby is when you have an ultrasound, or in case of any problems.

Diaper Changing

Cloth or disposable diapers : cloth diapers are cheaper and better for the environment while disposable diapers are easier

Time to decide on whether you want to use a disposable cloth delivery service. Services deliver disposable diapers to your door and are sometimes more affordable than buying diapers yourself.

Safety pins if using cloth diapers

Diaper bags

Baby wipes : use thick soft wipes they are gentler to baby's bottom or cotton wool and water is just as good

Changing mat

Diaper rash cream

Changing bag for traveling : try to get one that has a built in changing mat

Baby's Clothing
Sleep suits : if your baby is born in the winter months then buy thick warm sleep suits, buy thin cotton ones if your baby is born in the summer months





Scratch mittens

Hats (woolen if winter, cotton if summer.)

Snow suit if winter

Remember to only buy a few of each until after your baby is born. Buy clothes in unisex colours(lemon, white, mint) unless you know what the sex of your baby is going to be.

Bathing Baby

Baby bath : you can usually buy baby baths that have a number of different accessories with them like thermometer, towel, potty and more as they often work out to be cheaper

Shampoo, baby soap, sponge and flannel

Baby brush or comb and scissors

Baby lotion, oil and talc

Baby towel : the softer the better; always wash towels before using them


Try and buy diapers and toiletries in bulk so as you won't need to worry about them when the baby is born allowing you to enjoy your time with the baby

Baby's Sleep

For the first few months you will need either a moses basket, crib or bassinet



Sheets : fitted sheets are easiest but can be a bit expensive; buy at least four sheets as they need changing quite often

Several light blankets : use light colours; keep baby close by at night for the first few months and never use a pillow or duvet.


Breast pump : this for pumping breast milk into a bottle

Nursing bras : cotton is best as it allows air to circulate

Breast pads

Nipple cream : check with your doctor or mid wife first

Bottle feeding

Bottles : at least six bottles, sterilising equipment and sterilising tablets or fluid

Bottle brush

Bottle warmer

Infant formula milk : don't buy too far inadvance and always check the sell by date


Make sure you always sterilize bottles properly after use. To save time you can make bottles up in advance and keep them in the refrigerator but only keep them for up to twenty four hours at a time

Out and About

Pram : prams are very comfortable and warm for babies but are no good for public transport



Shawl/blanket : always carry one with you to keep baby warm

Other Things

Baby bouncer : these are ideal to keep baby happy while you do other things

High chair

Mobile for cot

Baby listener


Soft toys

Try and buy diapers and toiletries in bulk so you won't need to worry about them when the baby is born allowing you to enjoy your time with baby.



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