Conception And Sex

For some people, getting pregnant is as easy as pie, while for others, it takes a bit of arranging. While spontaneous lovemaking is the most enjoyable, there's nothing wrong with taking some extra steps to focus your intimacy on conceiving a baby. You and your partner may have already changed some of your lovemaking habits with this goal in mind but are wondering if there's anything else you might do to encourage the process. You may be wondering if, for example, one sexual position or another may enhance the possibility of conception. On the other hand, you may be wondering if there are intimate behaviors it's best to avoid while working toward making a baby. Here's a list of conception suggestions for couples who are trying to conceive (TTC).

*If you've stopped taking the pill or have had your IUD removed, you shouldn't assume that getting pregnant is a go. Doctors recommend that you wait three months to get pregnant after you go off the pill or have your IUD removed. Use an alternate form of birth control during this time.

*Don't skip making love on the most fertile days of your cycle. For most women, this is day 14.

Take A Break

*Men should take a break from ejaculation 48 hours prior to lovemaking in order to have the highest number of fertile sperm.

*Sperm counts are highest in the morning, so morning lovemaking is most conducive to conception.

*If you always use a lubricant, make sure you use Pre-Seed. Most lubricants are hostile to sperm.

*Douching is counterproductive to conception since it washes away all the baby-producing sperm. Don't douche.

Work With Gravity

*Let gravity and the natural form and cant of your vagina aid you in your baby-making. The best sex positions are missionary, doggy-style, and side-by-side. 

*Cunnilingus can alter the balance of your vaginal secretions and make it difficult to become pregnant. Avoid cunnilingus.

*Anal sex just before vaginal intercourse can introduce bacteria into the vagina that can cause vaginal infections. This in turn may lead to miscarriage or infertility. Avoid anal intercourse at this time.

*Don't do underwater sex. The ultra-hot water of a hot tub can kill sperm so that baby-making becomes mission impossible.

*Don't use sex toys since these can breed bacteria and lead to an unhealthy environment for an embryo.

Stay Right There

*Don't let your partner withdraw too soon. Keeping him inside keeps his sperm in you longer, meaning a better chance of making that baby. When it's time to withdraw, have him do so with care.

*After lovemaking, lay still for 20 minutes or even longer. If you like, prop up your lower back with pillows.

*Inventive foreplay gets you excited and helps you make more sperm-friendly lubricant.

Keep It Fresh

*If you have sex at the less fertile times of your cycle, this can help make for more spontaneous sex, keeping lovemaking fresh for those more purposeful sessions. 

*If you or your partner experience any type of sexual dysfunction, it's important that you both seek counseling since anything that can have an adverse affect on your relationship hurts both of you. Healthy, happy couples breed healthy, happy children.


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