Tips for Effective Walking During Pregnancy

Make sure you practice good posture while walking-you are trying to lessen your back pain, not promote it. Stand up tall, relax your stomach muscles, then pull your abdomen and shoulders back.

You can find a good maternity belt online or at a maternity store which will greatly enhance your posture while walking. Because all women tend to be a little more awkward and clumsy when pregnant, make sure you look forward while walking. The last thing you want is to take a tumble.

While you don't need to run, or even race walk, while pregnant, make sure you keep a brisk pace. The ideal speed is one that is vigorous enough to quicken your breath, but not so fast that you are unable to have a conversation while you walk.

Most physicians recommend a heartbeat of approximately 140 bpm when exercising during pregnancy. Stretch thoroughly prior to walking, both before and after. Pregnancy relaxes the ligaments and muscles, so you want to make sure you are stretched and warmed up properly.

Walking with someone else can keep you more motivated than walking alone, so solicit a co-worker, friend or relative to meet you for your daily walk.


Don't ever walk to the point of exhaustion while pregnant. This is not the time to push your body past its breaking point as it forces your body to use the precious oxygen which should be going to your baby.

If you have vaginal bleeding, dizziness or difficulty breathing, stop walking immediately and call your doctor. If you have any type of calf pain or swelling, premature contractions, or leaking of fluid, then see your doctor immediately.

Most women have no problems walking while pregnant, and it almost always leads to a feeling of health and well-being.

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1. Walking and Pregnancy
2. Benefits of walking
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