Working During Pregnancy

Now that you are pregnant, you may be wondering whether or not you should continue working at your job. Many women love their jobs and are eager to continue working for as long as they can while they are pregnant. In fact, the majority of women in the United States now continue to work throughout their pregnancies, many right up to their due date. But is working during pregnancy safe? And what happens should any pregnancy complications arise? Here are some of the facts about working during pregnancy.

Should You Work During Pregnancy?
In the United States, it is your right to continue working during pregnancy. Unlike other countries, where pregnant workers must withdraw from work once they discover they are pregnant, women in the United States are free to work right up until their due date. As a result, many pregnant women like to take full advantage of this right: after all, few people can afford to stop working for the full nine months of pregnancy, and work can often help to ease the tedium that nine months of pregnancy can bring! Yet, this doesn�t prevent women from worrying over whether it is safe to work throughout pregnancy.

Generally speaking, your health care provider will determine if it is safe for you to work based on three factors:


  • your health
  • your baby�s health
  • the type of work that you do


Women who are in good health, work in a safe job, and who are experiencing healthy pregnancies can generally continue to work right up until their due date.

What Work Shouldn�t You Do?
If you are pregnant, there are some work-related tasks that you should try to avoid in order to ensure that you are safe and healthy throughout the three trimesters of your pregnancy. In particular, pregnant women should avoid:


  • repetitive or heavy lifting
  • pushing
  • prolonged standing
  • exposure to heavy vibrations (such as those caused by large machinery)
  • harmful or toxic substances


If your job requires you to participate in these types of activities, your health care provider might suggest that you perform a different type of job throughout your pregnancy or take early leave. Be sure to discuss your options with your employer and HR department.

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i plan on working right up till i give birth. i don\'t want to waste any maternity leave days on days before i have the baby. i know i will need all the time i have to take care of my new daughter. i work in an office so it is no problem still going to work. sitting all day can get painful on my back but i just stand up and take breaks often, i have to go to the bathroom a lot anyway so that gives my back a good break anyway.
13 years ago