What can we do?

Nothing can prevent you breathing in the air during a flight. Aerotoxic Syndrome has been an ongoing problem in the airline industry since 1977. It has been hushed by the airlines and little has been done to correct it.

There is one new aircraft, the Boeing 787, that does not use bleed air to replenish the cabin air. Other than this single improvement, nothing is being done by the airline industry.

There are many pilots and flight attendants on disability leave because of Aerotoxic Syndrome and there have been two deaths attributed to this syndrome. Make your voice heard, especiailly if you are pregnant and must fly often.

Become more informed of the dangers, then voice your fears and complaints to the airlines.





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1. Aerotoxic Syndrome
2. What to do
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Forget about turbulance! They are pumping toxic fumes into the cabin. Did you read this - http://www.pregnancy-info.net/aerotoxic-syndrome1.html ??!!?
9 years ago