Her Pregnancy Test is Positive
If the test comes back with a positive result, then your daughter will have three options: become a parent, give the child up for adoption or have an abortion. It is important to explore these options with your daughter as soon as possible. Make sure she has all the information available so that she can make an informed decision. Make an appointment for her with a health care provider or a sexual health counselor who can offer unbiased information and support.

Perhaps your daughter has come to you a few months after the fact and is now well into her pregnancy. Talk with your teen to see if she has made a decision about what she'd like to do. If she seems unsure or undecided, talk with her about the choices she has and explore all the pros and cons. Depending how far along she is with her pregnancy, abortion may or may not be an option for her to consider. Most abortions are performed within the first 12 weeks of a pregnancy. However, some clinics will perform an abortion up to 16 weeks. Under special circumstances, a woman can get an abortion later than 16 weeks, although this is infrequent and usually based on health-related concerns. It is important to remember, though, that just because you would like her to consider this option does not mean it is the right choice for her or vice versa.

If you do not feel that you are the right person to offer advice, then take your daughter to see her health care provider or a sexual health counselor. Be sure to go with her, though, so that she still feels as though she is getting support from you. Also, be aware that there are doctors, nurses and some pregnancy counseling centers out there that are biased. Some may even use pressure or scare tactics to force your daughter into a decision that might not be right for her. Talk to your daughter and find out whether the information she received was unbiased.

My Son is Going to be a Father! Now What?
If your son has impregnated a girl, and she has decided to keep the baby, teach him to be responsible and help out the mother financially and emotionally. Encourage your son to be involved in the girl's pregnancy and his child's life. Remember, this is your grandchild; you should also take a positive and proactive role in this pregnancy.

Teen pregnancy is a very different situation for males than it is for females. That does not mean it is any less emotional for a male teen; however, he does not have as many decisions to make as a pregnant teen girl does. Unfortunately, while teen pregnancy is a big concern, very few resources deal with the issues that teen fathers have to handle. Teen pregnancy is often dealt with from the female's point of view and the hardships she will face. While she will probably encounter more problems than the father, a pregnancy takes two responsible individuals to care for and support the baby.

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