Im A Dancer

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aprilarcher - November 6

i am an exotic dancer (alot of people have a problem with this but i dont need any snide remarks). i didnt work throughout my pregnancy and now money is running low. i had a c section 23 days ago. im recovering well and was wondering if its okay for me to go back to work now. hopefully theres someone out there that can relate.


pattty - November 6

you need to do what you need to do. Just be sure you are fully healed so you are not out of work longer. What will you do for daycare? Would u ever consider an au pair? They are awesome. I have had one for 2 years and she is great! We went through an agency. Contact me if you are interested. It is much better than daycare!


wv_red - November 20

April make sure you dont go back into dancing full swing. For one thing its like any strenuous workout it is going to take time. You have to do what you need to do but you need to look out for yourself so your not tearing anything on the inside. I use to bartend in a adult club for years so I know what you go through. Be careful. If at all possible just start out on maybe one or two shifts a week and go with lower heels to start. i know easier said then done but make sure you talk to your OB also b4 going. Good luck and congrats on your new one!!


funnygal84 - March 24

i'd definitely talk with your ob. mine said strictly minimum actuvity for 4 weeks and better to take it easy for the full 6weeks postpartum. i wasn't even allowed to walk my small dog on a leash for the first 3 weeks. be careful. everything may look healed from the outside, but the inner st_tches and incision tend to take longer to heal. it's very serious if you end up tearing open and don't realize it.


GloriaD - April 8

Work is work, and unfortunately bills have to be paid! You probably earn a ton of money and you don't have to work full-time so more power to you! If you've got the body, use it to your advantage!!! That being said I would talk to dr. because the others are right in that you had major surgery and your body is still healing internally. If you do too much too soon you'll end up in worse shape later.


WendyJohnson - May 4

I agree with you Gloriad.



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