Marijuana And Breastfeeding

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angel - May 11

does anyone know if smoking marijuana while you are br___tfeeding can harm the baby? i know the pediatric association says not to, but they only cite one source about it and they say that that source didn't research the effect it had on babies, only whether or not thc was present in br___tmilk (and it was). when i do smoke it is only maybe 3 hits of a joint, no more than once a day, and i never smoke around the baby or let anyone else smoke around him. i really would like to be directed to real scientific research, not personal opinions.


michelle - May 11

As far as I know, there is very little legitimate research published regarding marijuana use. There is almost no funding (and of course no federal funding) for marijuana research. My OPINION is that if you are smoking every day you are not acting in the best interests of your baby.And probably not in your best interest either. I would say the same to a woman consuming alcohol or cigarettes as well. Do you really want THC buliding up in your baby's fatty organs? If I come across more info, I will let you know.


Happy Mommy - May 12

When you find out you are pregnant you need to stop anything you are doing that COULD be a risk to your baby. It is time to quit being selfish and start thinking about your unborn child. The plain answer to this question is YES, of course it is harmful to your baby for you to do ANY type of drugs. Please don't be stupid. Stop the drugs NOW or STOP nursing your baby!


michelle - May 12

It's not that simple, Happy Mommy, b___stfeeding is considered best even if a mother is smoking cigarettes or using certain medications. No one knows the effects of mj use when b___stfeeding. It's a pretty mild drug but smoking it every day probably means the smoker has some sort of problem and that needs to be addressed.


Mel - May 12

Study in Jamaica where marijuana use is high. The study looked at the babies cry after birth which is effected by other drugs such as cocaine etc. The study found that the babies cries were effected, indicating that ther was probable nerve damage and neurological problems. It has been indicated that chn. of users suffer from behaviour problems later in life i.e. ADD & ADHD. I personaally wonder if this is a chemical effect or a socialization problem in regards to the type of attention modelled by the parent. I think the use of any stimulant on a daily basis should be questioned and perhaps the question is more why you feel this is ecessary for yourself rather than what effect it is having on your baby?


michelle - May 12

In US, cigarette smokers children show similar affects - lower IQ, higher incidence of ADD/ADHD, etc. People who smoke cigarettes tend to be lower SES, lower IQ, lower educational levels. Is this true of marijuana smokers, as well? I would think so. In my experience with "at risk" children, c___ppy parenting = c___ppy behaviour in children. Inside joke: Kid has multiple diagnoses - ADHD, bipolar, MR, etc. Is on trileptal, ritalin, etc. Staff all agree that real diagnosis is BPD - Bad Parenting Disorder. I agree with Mel, the issue truly is why is the op smoking marijuana. Because if she wants to parent effectively she needs to stop.


understand - May 22

I dont think happy mom should be so quick to look down on others. You can never judge a situation competently unless you have been in that situation. Marijuana is a way of life for many of todays youth and when these kids grow into adult parents its hard to change a behavior they have incorporated into their daily life especially if they have been "successful" in all other areas of their life. I know a devoted mother, who ended a 10 year mj habit once she found out she was pregnant. Every one around her however did not quit and she struggles on a daily basis to get support. The father of the baby is an excellent father but an avid marijuana user and the women he fell in love with was also, now that she is not using they fight alot over the subject. I am just concerned that having happy parents who get along can affect the baby's development positively and when they don't get along this can affect the baby negtively.We would benefit from knowing which is more harmful a less than ideal family environment or b___stmilk of a mother who occasionally smokes weed. I apologize for not having any facts for the women with the question but I do know doctors say if you smoke cigarettes your baby is still healthier if you b___stfeed than if you don't so I imagine the same rule would apply to marijuana considering it is a natural substance found in nature unaltered by man's chemicals the way tobacco is for cigarettes.


M.D - May 22

..... bottom line marijuana is not good for you and your Baby


Carri - May 23

Angel, I won't judge but a couple things to consider.. 1) why take the chance? for the time being, put it away until you are no longer b___stfeeding then you can be confident that you are not doing any harm to the baby. 2) Be careful - a friend of mine smoked marijuana and believe it or not, social services almost took her child. Another risk I would not recommend taking. I for one do not oppose marijuana use; however, there are too many unanswered questions to risk the baby's life on.


caution - May 27

I don't know if MJ will harm your baby, but I do know the law will. My friend 's baby was drug tested at birth because she wrote that she used MJ in her medical records. MJ clings to fat cells, and your mothers milk is high in fat, so your baby will get a dose of it while feeding. It sounds like you're using daily, and are probably addicted to it. You need to be really careful about who knows about your use, because if they rat you out to social services, they'll test your baby, and take him away. Just be glad "happy mommy" doesn't know who you are because she's just the "happy type" to turn you in. She obviously doesn't relate to or understand any of the benefits of cannibis...and yikes, so judgemental. You are not stupid as she suggests. She is. She says "Stop being selfish and think of your UNBORN child" It's clear that the baby is already been born. I'd be alot more worried about the dangers of social stigma than any actual harm to the baby. The pendulum has swung so far to the religeous right in this country, we'll soon be in the dark ages. Just be super careful not to let anyone know, or suspect you, or as I said, they will test your baby, then you'll be subject to scrutany for years to come, peeing in a cup yourself for the state. Something "happy mommy" would love to see. To happy mommy: take your own advice, YOU stop doing things that harm your baby. Your att_tude IS harmful to your baby. You're going to breed a child that is quick to be judgmental just like you.


Surprising - May 28

For everyone who is suggesting that MJ is not good for your baby while b___stfeeding, please give some verifiable references that support this claim. I have been doing a lot of reasearch on this topic but I have yet to find any solid scientific research that would help with this matter. I am not suggesting that a mother SHOULD b___stfeed while smoking MJ, I just think that it is surprising that so many people can be so judgmental when there has yet to be any legitimate studies that gives a definite conclusion in this matter. I agree that a mother should stay away from drugs while pregnant or b___stfeeding, but to those of you that felt the need to throw in your judgements, please refer back to the original post: "i really would like to be directed to real scientific research, NOT PERSONAL OPINIONS."


caution - May 28

I agree with "surprising". I also haven't found any legit research that is worth anything on the subject. I just worry that the "judgemental crowd" could get Angel in trouble with the law.


ES - May 28

Just adding my 2 cents. Scientific medical research is great but let me ask you who would volunteer their children to participate in a study to determine if MJ in b___stmilk will cause problems. Also no one is going to fund research on drug addicted mothers and provide them with pure controlled amts. of MJ inorder to determine its effects. It has been studied in adults though and the results indicate that it causes several detrimental side effects. So to put this in an infant would be even worse. That said I feel like forcing drugs into an infants system is selfish and since the drugs are illegal be careful because if a doctor has reasonable suspision to test the infant the mother could ge tin serious legal trouble and would most likely have the child removed from the home. Also if anyone saw you using the drugs they could report you to child protective services.


ES - May 28

Research has shown that infants exposed to marijuana in utero display altered responses to visual stimuli and increased tremulousness, which may indicate problems with neurological development. Other studies have shown that during infancy and preschool years, marijuana-exposed children have more behavioral problems than nonexposed children. Research also shows that marijuana-exposed children perform visual perception, language comprehension, sustained attention, and memory tasks more poorly when compared with unexposed children.


ES - May 28 The last post a copied from this website. I will keep looking as well.


Surprising - May 29

Whether people want to admit it or not, there are women out there that are smoking MJ while b___stfeeding, so I don't think that it's a matter of finding subjects that would participate in a study. Especially since there are so many questions out there about the effects! If anyone really wanted to do put any effort into doing the reasearch, it could be done. I mean, there were enough women who drank alcohol and smoked cigarettes while b___stfeeding for there to have had studies on those side effects. Why can't there be the same effort for studying the effects of MJ? Bottom line, there IS no solid research that points in either direction but people still make ignorant a__sumptions. And to go back to the original question, angel was asking about the effects of MJ while BREASTFEEDING, not while pregnant.


livsmomma - May 29

no, mj while b/fing is not harmful. it is recommended to b___stfeed no matter if the mother is smoking cigarettes, and is the same with marijuana. the only risk you face smoking mj is possible problems with the law if you get caught. it is not dangerous, harmful or "bad" in any way.



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