Left Sided Abdominal Swelling And Pain After C Section

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summerrae - September 9

I had a repeat c section 6 months ago. I have always noted more pain on the left side and that the abdomen was assymetrical. It began to hurt worse about 1 month ago. One physician thought it was a hernia. the next thought it was from abdominal adhesions. I am to undergo a laporoscopy in 2 weeks. My question is- have any of you ever had this happen? and is the swelling on the left side common to happen with adhesions? sorry this is so long. thank you for any assistance.


laura nguyen - June 18

im having the same problem i have so much pain in abdomin 4 months after surgery please let me know if you find anythin out kailioni@hotmail.com thanks so much


Christina - June 22

I have the same thing only on my right side. I had a c-section 8 months ago today. They thought it was a hernia, then i got a CT scan and they saw the adhesions. I am contacting my OBGYN today to see what can be done. Some days it is worse than others, is it that way for you as well?


pam - June 29

I have been dealing with intermitten pain on my right side for a year and am now scheduled for a CT scan to determine if I may have an incisional hernia....


Jacqueline - July 1

I have the same problem as well. I've had it for at least three months following a c-section 16 months ago. please let me know if you find out anything. jbstu@aol.com


michelle - July 1

It's been almost four months since my 2nd c-section and I'm having sharp and burning pain on my right side. I had a CT scan that revealed nothing. I'm on physical therapy for three weeks. I'm wondering if it's going to help. Does anyone know what's causing this? Thanks!


josie - July 2

i have intermitten pain on left hand side after c.section 5yrs ago, i had a ct scan & revealed nothing also had a caesarean 2months ago & now have a herina any ideas about left hand side


K. McNeill - July 19

I had my 2nd section 2 weeks ago and have had severe pain since. My incision on the left side is swollen, severely bruised and VERY painful to the touch. My OB injected the incision with numbing medication stating it was caused by a nerve that was aggravated by the internal sutures. The pain has gotten a little better, but still can't lift my 2 year old or the baby's car seat. I have a follow-up appt today. Update me on your progress. kpmmcneill@yahoo.com


K. MCNEILL - July 22

Had my follow-up appt. Had labs and v____al ultrasound which revealed nothing. DR put me on antibiotics in case of infection. Still taking Demerol and Motrin 2 x's a day. Pain has gotten significantly better but still a sharp, hot pain whenever I laugh. Feels like the nerve pain as before. Hope everyone improves as I have. Best of Luck.


Anjie - August 3

I had 2nd c-sectrion over 2 yrs ago. Ive got this pain and an egg like lump on left. Sometimes nearly pa__s out with pain it like a twisting. Doctors thought it possibly hernia or problem with bowels. Lump does disappear sometimes.


Nicole - August 3

I am a little over 3 weeks from having a c-section. I have constant pain and burning in this area. I have wondered about a possible hernia. I felt better than this a week ago. I have to lift my 2 year old often. If anyone has info, please let me know. I sure don't want to always feel this way. nicoletibbs@peoplepc.com


Anne - August 15

I have a similar problem. I had a c-section 20 months ago. First child. After the c-section the area on the left side was red and swollen. It started at the incision and went up about 3 inches. The actual swelling went down after 2 weeks, but the left side sags a bit and is just a bit bulkier than the right side. The right side is like I never had a surgery!For months the area on the left was especially sore when I lay on my stomach or if I exercised. I saw my GYN and my GP about it. I they checked me out with their hands (no CAT scan) and then they both said to give it time, that the fascia needs time to heal, etc. At seven months post op, my GP sent me for physical therapy (for about 6 weeks) which really helped. The physical therapists thought it might be a torn muscle or ligament. Since the therapy, the pain is still there, but not as bad. I find hot baths help sometimes too. The skin above the area that's sore is numb to touch (I don't think this from the incision because its a line of numbness going all the way up the left side for about 4 inches, and there's no numbness to the left and right of it). I loved the physical therpists, but have never been sure they made the right diagnosis. I've often wondered if the doc left something in me, etc. Now (after reading these responses) I'm worried that it's really adhessions and that it could get worse if I have another baby by c-section. I've looked on-line to see if this left-side-pain-problem was discussed as a risk of having a c-section, but never found any mention of this problem until this webpage. Please let me know if you have any other info on this, if anything works, or if you've gotten any explanations. Thanks.


Sharon - August 20

I've just had my third c section 6 months ago and the pains in my left are awful. I have been to my GP several times to be told it will take time and the knot is tied on the left so will be tender longer. My pain gets alot worse when my period is due and if I walk alot or lie on my left side. Does anyone experience these pains does anything help as all the give me are painkillers and they work for a short while but not long enough.


Vita - August 23

I had my 2nd c section 7 wks ago and I am experiencing this exact pain on my left side. My doctor gave me a pelvic exam and she didn't think it was a hernia. I didn't know what abdomial adhesions were until today and I believe that is what I could be experiencing. It supposedly gets worse if repeated abdominal surgeries are performed and can recur.


Robin N - August 25

Wow- I am glad I found this link! I have been having horrendous pain for 10 months post c-section. I have been on pain killers and muscle relaxants since. I have been told everything from it possibly being a foreign body reaction to sutures or a sponge, an incisional hernia, or endometriosis attacking the scar. They have tried injections, and PT but neither worked. I saw a general surgeon yesterday who is doing a laprascopy, but he didn't seem optimitic.


Robin N - August 25

Sharon- in reading your post your pain sounds alot like you may have had endometriosis attack you scar. It is very underdiagnosed, and the main symptom is increased pain in the incision area (either internal or external) around the time of your period. They can treat it with harmone pills, or surgically remove it.


Cathy - August 26

Actually I did have abdominal pain on the left side for quite some time after my first c-section. I believe it was partially because how the nurses told me how to get out of bed and I believe I may have torn my incision. The problem did eventually go away but I don't remember when.



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