Pregnancy After Cesarean Section

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VickyWantababy - January 6

I just had a baby on Nov 15 2007 which after 10 long years of trying to conceive I finally did it with the help of infertility treatments and my RE ,unfortunately My Baby daoughter Destiny pa__sed away an hour after birth also due to DR and hospital negligence,she was our first,now I'm going to start trying again in Feb 3 months after that c section,bc we don't know how long is going to take us this time ,we are hoping that it wont be that long as I am 29 years old and not getting any younger I also hope I don't have to go throu any M/c as often pople with my condition Pcos have to deal with,infact I had one prior to getting pregnant with my dear Daughter.My Re Dr said it was fine to start right away but first I needed to be off the antydepresants so I'm giving my self one more month to deal with my grief and then we start again.So Good luck to all of you and if you are scare of pregnancy right after c section DON'T BE God is going to guide you and he is with you every step of the way, Be happy and enjoy your pregnancy it is truly a Blessing and a Miracle that alot of us have to strugle to have.But I'm not giving up I'm going to continue to try bc My baby Daughter was Destin for me and human hands took her away from me so I know that someday God will bless us again,never to replace her but to fill the emptiness in our heart that they left us when they took her life ...Good luck again to all God Bless. by the way my name is Vicky and I'm new here... P.S We are Putting our Babys death on lawyers hands and we are not going to stop until the responsible pople pay for what they did and if they don't pay here on earth I know that they will get what they deserve throug Gods justice...


anney - January 7

how many cesarean can i have i have all ready had 3 and wanting 1 more


charina - March 2

having another baby is a blessing, just pray and ask guidance for you and your baby...... good luck!


lordefan - April 22

Hello to all those who have posted previously. I found that many of you had suffered a loss and want to try for another baby soon. I am in a similar situation. Most of those posts were in 2005, but I am hoping maybe one or two of you still check this page or may happen to come across it again. If you do, would you please please please write to me? You can write to me at lordefan at yahoo dot com... I had a very healthy gorgeous baby girl, but she left us when she was 3.5 months old. We are devastated. This happened a month back. We feel like we have nothing to live for... of course the only reason we are still living is that there is that faint ray of hope... This was my first child... I need to reach out to others who have gone through similar experiences. I've found a site where people who have lost their children come to chat, but mostly they are grown children - adults. There is something unique about each of our losses, so I would appreciate it if any of you could contact me, our situations are far more similar. I need your help desperately. Thank you - September 27

hello i am 18 year old. i had a boy last 5th of december and now its 10 months nearly. i m trying for baby from 6 months and i m not getting pregnet yet. i m very scard and upset so please help me thanx alot sorry for poor english because i cant speck english but i can understand .


Lauzzy - February 19

For those who have lost their little angles am so sorry my God give you strenth and don't give up



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