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Terrie - August 15

I had a question regarding cord blood...... how many times can it be used??? meaning...can it be used throughout the baby's entire life if needed? does it ever "run out". Thanks. (not really 100% familiar with what it does)


Sabina - February 22

The cord blood is used in the form of stem cells to cure a lot of diseases such as leukemia etc (research still going on to cover many other diseases). How much of these stem cells maybe used at one time depends on the usage (what are they being used - for which disease) and many other factors. Some cord blood is stored separately so that incase more stem cells are required then it maybe used for multiplication of more stem cells. Just hope that your baby or anybody in your family don't ever have any disease which may require these stem cells and incase it is needed then they can be multiplied further. Just treat the storage of cord blood as an insurance policy that God willing you may never need! I also dont hve too much knowledge on this topic but hope this makes sense!


hawaii baby - August 9

my daughter pa__sed from cancer... I spent three years with cancer childern... hunderds- not one use their cord blood.. reason being .. 1. it is too new and collections are being done wrong during birth... leading to issues of contamanation (sp) 2' the cost is sooo great 3. not enogh stem cells there are a lot of issues with this will be great one day but it's just too soon


Momof3under3 - April 14

I agree with Sabina. We decided to bank our third child's cord blood and I haven't regretted it. If you can't afford the fee of $1,900 or so, then consider donating to a public bank please! There are many future applications and to know that you can always use this with siblings in addition to the child whose cord blood you banked is worth it. There are many naysayers out there, but I believe in research and future applications. Good Luck!


Momof3under3 - April 14

BTW- If you DO decide to bank can research many discount coupon codes online. After we decided to go with CBR, I registered as a CBR MOm and got a big discount off my fees. My code is M1998. You can use it when you enroll online or over the phone.


cryocells - September 3

I have a question that can cord blood which we storage used in every disease or some special disease.If so then tell me that disease names...How many times we can use through out the entire life or some limited period and one more thing have any bank offer for this months??? Thanks for the nice stuff...



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