Food Aversions Anyone

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Jessica F. - June 18

I have some food aversions and was wondering who else had some they wanted to share. Thought this would be fun for everyone to list what makes them feel sick! Mine are BACON (this one started at the very beginning of pregnancy) CHOCOLATE BARS ( but i can eat choco cheesecake or brownies doesnt' make sense) FROZEN PIZZAS & BREAD.


bump - June 18

bump bump


melissa - June 18

I used to love the smell of fresh ground coffee, now I cant stand the smell of coffee. It actually makes me sick to the stomach! Other than that, I have just noticed that my sense of smell is really strong now, I can smell things that nobody else can, and everything smells stronger to me. Funny about the chocolate bars, but not the chocolate cake! I wish i hated the smell of chocolate, might keep me away from it!!!


Jessica F. - June 19

Melissa-- Everyone else I tell about the chocolate bars thinks I'm nuts, well that is everyone who hasn't been pregnant before! I am also a non smoker and b4 the smell of cigs would make me get a headache. It actually makes me throw up now! I too have a stronger sense of smell. My husband live not too far from the beach and one night we walked around "The loop" which is about a 4 mile circle and I could smell someone grilling out steak. Needless to say my hubby couldn't smell a thing!


Lynn - June 20

During my first trimester I couldn't eat bone in chicken. It smelled bad even when it was cooking. Now I can & do eat pretty much anything!


Jamie Marie - June 20

I can't stand the smell of Chinese food! Oh and hot dogs make me sick! Yuck! The thought of them... gross! I am not 28 weeks and I have noticed that I am getting a stronger sweet tooth. Anyone else getting a stronger sweet tooth?


Melissa - June 20

Jessica ~ cigarette smoke is enough to make me gag too! The other night my hubby came home after hangin out with the guys. Even though he does not smoke, just the smell of the smoke on his clothes and in his hair was horrible. He came to bed and I made him get out and have a shower before coming back to bed! Still wishing I hated the smell of chocolate, I ate 2 brownies today....I trade you the chocolate hate for my coffee hate...come on!!!! LOL


Jessica F. - June 21

Melissa- I'd love to trade the chocolate hate for your coffee. I always have and still do love coffee. And although I don't drink it very often it is hard to turn down!


Sindel - June 26

My fiance likes to eat sunflower seeds. I used to eat them too.. Addicted to them.. now the smell of them makes me feel nauseous.


Jessica F. - June 28

Sindel-- Yeah my husband really likes mini frozen pizzas and anytime he starts the oven with one in there it makes me feel sick!


Selena - June 30

I am opposed to all cooked meat right now as the smell of it cooking makes me gag! Cold cut sandwiches are ok sometimes. I also can't stand anything with tomato sauce as it seems to acidic. To be honest not much tastes good right now and at 13 weeks I have lost 10lbs since prior to conception!


Janice - June 30

I can eat pizza everyday of the week-if I was allowed. I never used to eat pizza-so now, I crave it more. Frozen or fresh--just give me some! It all depends on the day-sometimes I crave chocolate-sometimes the thought of it disgusts me.


Amy - July 2

I can't eat anything. Everything makes me sick. Sometimes, even the foods I crave make me sick once I start eating them. I haven't gained any weight, I actually lost a pound or 2.


NellyBelly - July 4

I agree about the frozen pizzas and bread. During my first trimester, I drove by a Walgreen's and the sign was advertising a sale on WonderBread. Just seeing the word made me gag! Now I can eat all bread except white. :)


Jessica F. - July 6

Yep Amy I know what ya mean! I was craving red juice (don't ask why) and everytime I drink something red I get physically ill!


sabrina - July 10

I love food, we'll I loved food. Not one thing tastes like it used to.Saltine crackers are the only thing I look forward to eating


Chris - July 23

Very lucky! I wish my food aversions were only limited to that, but I can´t stand even the thought of vegetables of any kind! I used to loved tomatoes and salads, and now I can´t even touch them, fresh lettuce and greens are specially repulsive; I know I have to eat lots of them but I just can´t. Chicken and meat make me gag and I have eaten so many saltine crackers to calm the nausea that I am totally sick of them. OB wants me to drink 4 gl/milk/day... how?!!! The only thing I feel like eating is bread and fresh fruit, specially OJ and white grapes.



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