Spinach Amp Oxalic Acid During Pregnancy

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Gabi - November 12

Hi all, I am told to avoid spinach and the other vegetables containing oxalic acid during pregnancy. Does any one know whether the oxalic acid containers can be used a half an hour or an hour before or after a food containing calcium?


Gabi - November 13

No body got the same recomendation? please say some thing I don't know really what to eat!


E - November 13

I have never even heard of this. I thought spinach was urged during pregnancy. I will have to check this out.


estee - November 16

NOOOO! what bogus! spinach is the best thing to eat (why do you think popeye gets super strenght when he eats spinach?!! ;)), next to mustard greens, collard greens, swiss chard - ANY green foods are exactly what we NEED during pregnancy! spinac and mustard greens are also high in folate, the natural equivalent to folic acid. see, i did my homework :) wishing you the best, estee


estee - November 16

oh, did i mention red foods? beets, pomegranate, red apples, etc. does your blood real good. high in iron which stimulates the production of red blood cells. and taste soooo goooood! oh, i know beets are a mess, but always try to eat them fresh (like any vegetables and fruits) and leave the little tail and about one inch of the stems on the beet while boiling (do not peel until cooked either). keeps the vitamins in the beet. yummy, i'm craving beet salad!!!


Gabi - November 17

Dear Estee thanks so much for your info. I didn't know about beets and can say never ate it the way you said. But about spinach I searched also the web and here is what I found: please copy the address. It is said they would let you know how to use these the category of spinach but till now didn't answer me. love and bests


Lilybel1104 - February 9

Oxcalic acid is not necessarily bad for a pregnancy.  Spinach is fine.  It's just that some foods that contain oxcalic acid are also Emmenagogue foods (like parsley).  And those foods may or may not (depending on the person) contribute to miscarriages.  Look up Emmenagogue foods for a list of what to avoid.

As a side note, oxcalic acid should always be avoided in cases of kidney stones.  Oxcalic acid and pregnancy = no big deal. 

Oxcalic acid in people who have a history of kidney stones = bad




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