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kristip25 - August 13

I have posted last month in response to the emetophobia. I suffer from emetophobia and have since I was a young child. My fear has pretty much controlled my life, although I do try to function as a "normal" person. I am a teacher, am married, have a house, 2 dogs, and am now in my fifth week of pregnancy. I always knew that I would be very hesitant about getting pregnant because of the morning sickness aspect of it. I did not realize that I would be feeling as anxious as I am right now. The major problem I have is that, in the past, when I am nervous about something or panicked I don't like to eat. This is very common with emetophobics. I know that this is not good for a developing baby so I am trying to eat small things and take at least Flinstone vitamins. The problem is that when I have anxiety I feel like I have a lump in my throat and can't swallow. This makes it difficult to eat. I spoke to my gyno and my regular physician and both of them said that they would not prescribe Zofran unless I had an extreme case of morning sickness. I guess they don't understand the severity of my fear. i think I would feel more releived even if I just had it "just in case". It comforts me to hear that there is something that works like "magic" for morning sickness. I also don't think it is healthy for the baby for me to be waking up shaking and with my heart racing. I know stress is not good for a developing baby. I am trying to rea__sure myself that I will be okay because no one in my family has ever had morning sickness (my mom, grandmothers, aunts, mother in law). I have always taken after my mother with my hormones (age I got my period, length of cycle, etc.) Hopefully, I will be like her with pregnancy too. If anyone has any positive advice for me I would really appreciate it. It would make me feel better to know that I am not alone in my fears. Thanks so much!


POOF - August 13

kristi you are experience EXACTLY what i know i will if i actually get pregnant. it is a constant struggle not to stop eating any time i am stressed or in a situation that might even possibly cause me to be sick. i made sure that my gyno knew that there was no possible way i would even consider getting pregnant without a prescription for something. i know that you cant really continue xanax when pregnant so i need to have something that i know will help me, just in case. my biggest fear is that i will be so afraid that i will stop eating...just as you are afraid. i would make an appointment to see my regular medical dr if your ob will not bend. and keep in your mind that whatever happens you can handle it. i dont know about you but i have not thrown up in 18 years...not because i havent needed to, i just wont or cant (after all this time) allow it. my girlfriend has the same fear as us and she has 3 kids. the few times she did feel sick she dealt with it the same way we always do. whatever works for you when you normally feel nauseous will work now. lie down, air ,water, whatever it takes to find relief should the situation arise but for her and my other emetophobic girlfriend they only had a few moments...not days and hours. i truly believe in mind over matter and while we do struggle every day to try and live as normally as possible, with regard to actual sickness, you know you can do it. eat little bits, you can actually make yourself sick just from lack of food. plus if all of those women in your family did it w/o morning sickness i cant imagine you would be the first to suffer from it! its going to be ok. dont worry about the baby if you cant bring yourself to eat, the baby is getting all it needs from your body. just keep taking your vitamins. my dr also told me that if i didnt want to take a big prenatal (that can make you queasy) i could take the equivalent amount of vitamins in individual pills throughout the day so thats what i do. youre going to be great! & my 2 girlfriends, their labors were breezes too! do whatever makes you feel normal and happy. the baby will take care of itself. :)


POOF - August 13

and kristi congratulations on your bfp! :)


e_kraft - August 14

Kristi Best of luck to you in your pregnancy & Congrats! I am 11 weeks along and I too have an EXTREME phobia of vomiting, and up until I became pregnant last time I threw up I was in 2nd grade (7 or 8), and I am 27 now. I am actually waiting for a phone call back from my doctor because this has been unbearable, I am terrified of losing my job, but I can't get too far from the bathroom because I am vomiting a majority of the day. I feel that if I went to work I wouldn't be productive. I feel that I spend most of my day looking for someone to talk to me because I find that if I have someone to chat with then it keeps my mind off of feeling sick and bad. Best of luck to all of us. Sucks that we have to feel so bad at such a happy time in our lives.


kristip25 - August 23

POOF, I thank you very much for your response. It was positive and made me feel like I wasn't alone and that I would be okay. I am still struggling but definitely feeling better than before. Eating a little something every hour actually prevents weird feelings. e_kraft, obviously you are not a true emetophobic because if you were you would be able to have compa__sion for someone with the fear. I asked for positive advice and instead I received some terrible story about your pregnancy. I don't know if you are trying to be funny but if you knew what being an emetophobic was like, you would not want to hear stories like yours. NEVER! It's unfortunate that you are not feeling well, however, I did ask for POSITIVE comments only! POOF, thank you again for your reply!


POOF - August 23

i actually came onto this site looking for advice on morning sickness, not pregnancy. i wanted to see how many people actually had it and what i realized quickly is that people are much more inclined to share negative experiences than they are positive one b/c like anyone else suffering they want to get it out. i actually had to, in my own mind, tell myself these people are (what i call) pukers. some people just do, like its another bodily function (which, in reality is all it is). some people feel a little queasy and go throw up. i am not oneof those people. knowing how strong i am with regard to that i learned i really cant compare myself with other people b/c most 'normal' people will just do it and get it over with and hopefully feel better. i was adopted so i dont know how my mother and grandmother did, i am going on blind faith in myself and my gfs support that if i can get through a flu i can get through this...and i CAN get through a stomach flu w/o throwing aint easy but i can. and look how well you have been doing even without having something to take just in case. youre doing it & youre almost done! i think people like us have it a bit harder b/c we do feel every little thing in our stomaches and second guess it, why am i feeling like that what does that mean? am i going to get sick? and we work ourselves up into a frenzy and stop eating out of fear. keep doing what youre doing, emetophobes have babies all the time! and remember all this when its my turn b/c i will conveniently forget my levelheadedness and will need support as well lolll. chin up! 1st trim is almost over and you will NOT die if you do end up getting sick. and if you were to, you will be proud of yourself b/c you lived through it and youre fine! look at it this way, if it should happen, im sure it wont but IF it should, you get to be one of the ones that brag about it! loll i always crack up w/these crazy women all happy for throwing up that day, as if that means everything is normal andsomething is wrong if they dont.


SarahBethT - August 24

Been there Lia. I am on Zofran too. I been the the Er twice for extreme morning sickness. I never had any side effects but it does help


Blantgios - September 26

I am currently taking Zofran I have been sick for weeks and it was constant. I take half of an 8mg pill and it works great. From the research I have done it seems safe the one side effect I have noticed is headaches, but if I just relax and lay down for a bit they go away. I think it is a great drug I am so glad to not be sick anymore. The only thing I am doing to make sure it is okay is I am only taking it after I start to feel sick, that way I am not taking any un-needed medication. I think it works well and am glad to have it.


Rainbowbryte76 - January 19

HI, I have been really nauseuos not throwing up to much but very motion sick all day, i just got the generic form of zofran, a huge price difference, I mean HUGE, so i asked the pharmcist why the difference and he said u pay for the name but I have the belief that alot of times u get what u pay for, so my question is has anyone had the same good results with the generic form of zofran, ondansetron...? Thank u


Jezebel - January 19

honestly i didn't even know there was a generic yet. my ob prescribed it for me last year and said it would be about $1000 if my plan didn't cover it. she never said there was a generic alternative. i was lucky enough that my plan paid in full. i'm sorry i couldn't be more helpful.


sunshinepearl567 - February 17

I have just been prescribed Zofran ODT (8mg) like my last pregnancy cause I can't keep much of anything down and nausea lasts all day. Is it supposed to get rid of symptoms for the most part cause I still feel nauseous for most of the day and vomiting. I feel so thirsty, but I can't gulp down a big gla__s of water or other liquid cause it will make me nauseous. How do you overcome this? My last pregnancy I was in the ER at least once a week for dehydration cause I couldn't keep anything down. I lost 25lbs in a month. I can't afford to lose alot this time around though. Any suggestions. I'm having to try and withdraw from college cla__ses cause I can't handle going places right now.


gabby509 - February 17

I am taking Zofran with this pregnancy as well as with my last. I also spent lots of time in the ER with my son and hope to avoid it this time around. I am taking the generic form of Zofran because my insurance will only cover a portion of the name brand and it seems to be working fine for me. I do notice that if I don't eat little meals throughout the day, even with the Zofran, that I will get nausseous and throw up. I am only taking the 4 mg tablets but my doc told me that on the days that seem worse to take 2 of the 4 mg at a time. I also cant drink straight water for some reason, t has to be ice water or with some type of flavor (crystal light has been good).


panthersmom - July 9

my daughter is the one pregnant but she is 19 and I am taking care of her. she has hyperemesis gravidarum. We had never heard of it but are learning alot about it. you all should check out the website it is a good site and the lady, Ashli has written a book about HG and the book has others experiences in it! My daughter is on 8mg of zofran and most days it helps. she has been able to go back to work and has stopped loosing weight because with zofran she can keep food down. she actually felt "Good" yesterday! she is 10 weeks and we are praying that in a couple more weeks this sickness will go away!


Sulfate - July 25

Hi! Yes, they put me on Zofran with my first three preganacies, but it did absolutely nothing for me. I have hyperemesis gravidarum when I'm pregnant, so, I puke all day, every day of my pregnancy until the day I deliver. But, it seems to ease up enough for me to hold some food down every night about 8 or 9. I'm currently pregnant with my fourth child, and I'm not going to even try Zofran this time. It's never worked for me and it's super expensive!


momyof4 - August 6

found this website so cheap and no priscription for zorfon ordermedicaldrugs


momyof4 - August 6

but i don,t know if its safe for pregnent woman you should ask your docter. good luck....



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