Worried Wife (and Husband!)

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KDeLima - April 26

Hi, My Wife and I had a successul IUI procudure done a couple of weeks ago.  Our first HCG reading was 75.  Second (4 days later) was 292 (so that was good).  The Third reading Today was only 438, which is a 50% increase compared to the 100% increase that it should have been!  We are both very worried that this could mean the pregnancy will not be successful as she is considered high risk (due to having PCOS).  We are due for our 4 HCG reading this Monday 30th....Has anyone else had experience of HCG levels not increasing as they should??  Please help.  Thanks!


wellspring1 - July 27

PCOS is one of the reason for infertility and PCOS woman have complications in their pregnancy. I will suggest to again visit fertility clinic and do the HCG test and come to conclusion.


gemi - August 24

hey KDeLima. This is really a cumbersome situation. Because doctors usually say that women face pregnancy complications due to PCOS. This also adversely affect the hCG level. Metabolic syndrome and enriched amount of androgens may leave effects on infants. In short, women with PCOS are at high risk of miscarriages. According to experts, if symptoms of PCOS that women faced during the pregnancy period are managed and controlled with great concern then a woman can get pregnant. This may lead them to get healthier babies. PCOS not only give birth to miscarriages but many other disastrous conditions. A PCOS affected women also on high risks of gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, a pregnancy with a sudden lift of blood pressure, premature infants birth, and cesarean. All these scenarios directly or indirectly affect a women pregnancy. This had happened in my sister’s pregnancy case. She got a miscarriage. But this is not necessarily to happen same as she had. Hope is there to get success. Prayers can save your wife’s life.



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