Feeling Baby Move As Early As 10 Weeks

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eyebeeablessing2u - December 8

is it possible to feel some movement as early as 10 weeks. Today I am positive I can feel baby moving around... Kind of feels like little bubbles moving around. I have also touched down there and felt a lump as well then it moves away. Thoughts....?


E - December 8

Sorry, but you know what it sounds like to me? Yes, you guessed it. A toot. I do not think you can feel movement, at least from the baby, at 10 weeks. Very soon though!!


lilmama - December 8

sounds like gas to me too, but the first movements that you will feel later will feel a lot like that. It is probably too soon to be feeling baby yet, like E said


Tina - December 8

Yes it is possible to feel your baby that early. It isn't a feeling on the skin of your tummy like kicking would be but it is a feeling inside. I know it is possible bc I felt my son first move at 13 weeks which was confirmed by my doctor and with this pregnancy I felt the first movements at 10 weeks until the end of the 11th week but nothing else until just recently (I became 18 on this tuesday) but still no kicking or anything. So yes it is possible. I also felt that movement in two different spots (think it might be twins only saw one on v____al ultrasounds but they told me they only had a little room to see bc my placenta was so low) and now that I'm further along I still feel the "movement" in two different places. And I definitely know the difference between a gas bubble and the baby bc every pregnancy thus far the gas no matter how lil or how much I had was very painful. So congrats on feeling the baby move (I also felt the "lump" of the baby where the movement was)


remember worried? - December 23

I hadn't seen my period up till november and was worried that i was pregnant well i took a test and i am. I'm 10wks and a half and i think i feel my baby moves too. Maybe it's just my nerves or something but i thinks it's the baby


eyebeeablessing2u - December 24

I most definatley feel the baby move and have been since my first post. The doctor said because of my tiltled uterus i would be able to feel it move. and yahoo i am 12 weeks yesterday. How many to go... I just can't wait to meet my baby and see what kind of personality it has.


K - December 27

Hi eyebee ! U know what i definately think it's possible to feel ur baby that early, especially if it's not ur 1st pregnancy ! The more baby u have the sooner u'll feel ur baby move ( simply because u can recognise them frm ur previous ones ! ) so i'd say if u know it's not gas, it must be ur baby then ! Each preg. is different for each w/m. good luck !


Samantha - May 30

I am 10 weeks and felt my baby move. It felt like a flip of some kind right in one side. So yes I think you may have felt your baby move.


J - May 30

My doc says it is impossible this early


Karen - May 30

your baby weighs less than a quarter of an ounce and is only an inch long, so sorry, I highly doubt it was your baby.....


Mary - May 30

eyebee .. congratulations on your baby! I thought you were ahead of me, I am 18 weeks today. I had a miscarriage just before this baby and I thought you were preggers then. Anyway ... good luck to you!


April - May 30

Samantha... again that was probably gas... plus your brain also has a way of making you think things are happening when they really aren't... especially when you have all these women telling you what it feels like... and then you sit there and try to feel it... and then you do... your brain is just making you "think" you felt it. That's like people who tell themselves they're sick or tired so much, they really begin to feel sick or tired, but go to the doctor only to discover there is nothing wrong with them. I've read in a few books that many pregnant women mistake gas for baby movement.


Anna - May 30

The baby's skelleton is just cartilage at 10 weeks, so the limbs are not hard enough to be able to cause enough thrust for Mom to feel them. I do not know if having a tilted uterus changes things, but for a normal mommy, it is impossible to feel the baby this soon.


to Eyes - June 6

I see, this post is way old! So you are preggers at 34 like me! You scared me for a minute here! I though you were having 2 pregnancies in one! :)


Julie - June 6

My doctor says no. I thought I felt a sharp kick at about 12 weeks and she said it is too early. It probably had something to do with your expanding uterus or ligaments moving around and stretching. With my first baby I felt movement at about 20 weeks and this time I felt it about 17 weeks.


Emerald - July 17

Actually, depending on the woman and the size of her baby, you CAN feel your baby move as early as 10 weeks. My mother felt my brother move at 8 weeks. As for me, I miscarried on June 23rd, and now, if I am still pregnant with a surviving twin, which everyone keeps telling me I am...I have felt movement this week and it's very scary for me. So, yes to your question eyebeeablessin2u and good luck to all mommies to be and for those of you who have lost, like I have...I pray for you and may God bless you, because I KNOW your pain and I feel for you.


Lissi - July 17

I felt some weird sensations down there when I was 10 weeks. I don't think it was the baby, because of it's size and the fact that it would have only had little stubs for arms and legs at that stage, but I DO believe it had something to do with pregnancy. Whether it was the uterus exapanding or something else, I don't know, but it was something I never felt before and haven't felt since I started to feel real baby kicks. The only way I can think to describe it, is like a celular phone that's been left on vibrate. It lasted for about 30 seconds, then it'd go away. I felt it about once a day at 10 weeks and by 12 weeks it was about 4 or 5 times a day. I don't know what it was, but it definitely wasn't gas. I wonder if it'll happen with the next pregnancy?



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