Free Enfamil Diaper Bag

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Nerdy Girl - February 22

Does anyone know how I can get a certificate for the free Enfamil diaper bag? The hospital I delivered at gave me a Similac bag but I like the Enfamil one. I called Enfamil, and they told me that they could mail me the free diaper bag but that I needed a certficate first.


pbj - February 22

Most hospitals have both, you may be able to call the hospital and tell them you'd prefer an Enfamil bag...also your pediatrician may have one. Not sure what a certificate is, but you can go to and register, they usually send out some free stuff.


MJM - February 22

You dont usually need the certificate to get the free bag,. Just ask at the hospital or at the dr office and they will be happy to give you one.


Nerdy Girl - February 22

My hospital only had Similac samples and Similac bags, but I will ask our pediatrician. The lady at the Enfamil 800 number told me that they could send me a free bag, but I would need to send in a certficate, which she said is often given out at prenatal cla__ses.


Britt - February 22

You should just have to sign up with Enfamil to get the diaper bag. Thats all I had to do and they sent me a really nice black diaper bag full of formula and coupons. Is that the bag you are talking about or do they have a different one that you want?


Nerdy Girl - February 22

That's the bag, Britt! I did sign up for the Enfamil club, and they sent me samples and coupons, but no bag. That's werid that they sent you the bag directly. I wonder why I didn't get a bag.....


Jbear - February 23

This will sound silly, but I bet if you go to a thrift store in your area, you'll find the bag for a dollar or two...there are always tons of the giveaway diaper bags at the thrift stores here.


pbj - February 23

Nerdy Girl, do you need a free diaper bag? I have at least 3 of them...and I know one is an enfamil bag, I'd be happy to send you one. However, it doesn't have any of the samples in it, I used them. Actually, I'd be happy to send you all of them, I got like 6 total diaper bags at my shower and none of them came from where I live so I had to keep them, but would love to get rid of them.


Nerdy Girl - February 23

PBJ, yes, please email me at and I can give you my address and pay you for shipping. Thanks!


Heidi - February 23

I got a free Similac one at the hospital but they took the samples out cus I was trying to nurse and said they won't give the samples if you're nursing. Inside the bag was a nice cooler pack with freezer packs in them for 2 8 oz bottles.


Duskoflight - September 27

pbj do you still have any of the diaper bags?



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