Sleep Sacks What Age Did You Stop Using Them

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Gretta - July 31

What age did you stop using the sleep sacks? What did you use after to keep your LO warm and snuggly? My dd is 5 months and she is rolling over now but seems like the sleep sacks inhibit her moevement.


Ciarasmom - July 31

My dd is now 7 months and I still use one. I feel she would get cold with a blanket as it could come off. I would rather her stay warm and perhaps sleep a bit Maybe the sleep sack is too small or try a different brand.


DB - July 31

We haven't been using one since it's gotten warmer out. We just use heavier jammies and my dd sleeps pretty good. She's 6 months btw. I think for the fall and winter we'll go back to them though.


Gretta - July 31

The sleep sack is huge and I'm an idiot because she probably can't move because I still have her in the ba__sinet. LOL - But what age do you stop using them altogether? After a year?


DDT - July 31

I stopped using one when it started getting warmer...I don't think I will go back to it though because I think at this stage (5.5 months old) ds will probably just get irritated with it. He LOVES to play with his toes!! He wears pjs and has a light loosely knitted blanket in his crib that he holds onto & sucks on (its his blankie). Oh, about him getting cold possibly...we can adjust the temp in each room in our house so he is always warm enough.


spamanda - July 31

We stopped at about 5/6 mos. because DS would get his legs all tangled up in them and wake up screaming, lol. We switched to footed pajamas and that worked like a charm. Now that it's summer and it's warm out, he sleeps in a onesie or whatever is easy. He's 10 mos. I think we'll stick with the footed pajamas from now on. ~spam


iemc19 - August 1

Gretta - we use a fleece oversuit type thing - sleepsuit first and then this thing ,its great for when they are starting to move, you don't have to orry about them kicking of blankets or - later - trying to stand and getting tangled in a sleep sack...Happened to our dd one time...oops!


Ca__sieSong - August 1

You can use a sleep sack for a loooong time. They even make them for older toddlers, but they are a little different- so they can get up and walk around. My daughter is almost 20 months and still uses a sleep sack. I couldn't find big ones in the stores, but you can online. I was surprised and happy to find that she'll be able to have sleep sacks for a while longer. they are so great because they keep her warm. It is just part of her routine now to go in a sleep sack to sleep.


Axelle09 - October 1

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