Itchy Skin After C Section

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NICOLE - March 30

i am 7.5 weeks pp and had c-section i have a rash and very itchy skin, has anyone else had this. my dr does not seem to care. i am itchy all the time and driving myself crazy. i even itchy where there is not a rash. my rash is little bumps, like heat rash. please give me some answers


emunah - March 31

I am 8 weeks postpartum after a cesarean, and I had (still have sometimes) very itchy skin on my stomach. I think it is a normal side effect. I did not have a rash, but that could be from the itching. You may want to try a body lotion or something to ease the itching.


ezwaggy - April 3

Well I'm almost 5 months pp and my scar still itches sometimes. But, I also had a terrible rash right around my c-section scar about 2 months pp - my daughter was premie and was in the hospital for 6 weeks and we'd gotten scabies there (sounds strange, like it should be sterile, but turns out very common). At any rate mine was centered all around my scar for some reason.


leanne25 - May 9

I HAD A SECTION 2 WEEKS AGO AND HAVE HAD A RASH THAT COMES AND GOES AND IS WORSE AT legs are scratched till blood has been drawn and its now coming out on my arms and body.i did not suffer this after my section with my other son and the only difference is that the second time was planned and the first an emergancy.i cant beleive there are so many of us suffering from this and yet there is no known name but i am convinced its linked to the section!


tummy tamer - May 10

have you tried spraying colloidial silver on your skin? t is anti microbial


lyanet - September 7

I am 3.5 months pp after c-section. My scar healed very well but it still itches, both superficially and deep inside! My doctor told me to expect this for up to 8-9 months pp as the NERVES are HEALING and reattaching themselves. He also mentioned that I may have extreme sensitivity OR numbness for several months pp as this is a normal part of healing. Full sensation should return after 9 months pp. OH! by the way, i learned that surgical incisions sometimes leak with redness around for up to 6-7 weeks. First make sure with your doctor that it is not an infection, then put a warm compress on it for 10 minutes twice daily. This will encourage more weeping but it helps to release the water under the wound retained from being pregnant. Good luck ladies!


Newmom405 - September 23

I am 4 months pp & I had a c-section and I get very itchy all over my body & i start to break out in hives. This very same thing happened to my cousin & she had a C-section as well. I told the doctor about it & he couldnt explain it. My cousin went to emergency room several times and the doctors had no explaination. I now have the same problem. Her son is 2 and her symptoms have stopped. I dont think I can last 2 yrs with this horrible itching! Anyone have any ideas or is going through the same thing?? HELP!


tummy tamer - September 24

HI obvious ideas are allergic reactions to medication, topical medication, or irritation from soaps, detergents, clothing......take care


siazikk - November 1

Hello everyone! I know know first hand how miserable itchy skin is, and I feel for each one of you! I've had eczema on and off most of my life, but just in the crook of my elbow and on my neck. During my pregnancy I had this rash that looked like hives that turned into eczema when I scratched it. It was ALL OVER me! My face, in my eyes and ears, neck, truck and extremities. It actually cleared up completely during my 4 hard days of labor and for two days after emergency c-section. I was told it must have been from high levels of estrogen during my pregnancy. Ok, that makes sense. But now I have a rash again ALL OVER again!! and in places it wasn't before. This time different, very red and itchy, looks like an allergic reaction. Doctors are saying it is from the ocycodone (Percocet) that I took for 5 days post-op. I've been off of it now for 12 days, but it is still there... so my Dr prescribed Prednisone to clear it up. 60mg for 5 days. Started to clear up immediately on my first day... not sure if it will come back, b/c I'm on my second day now and feeling so much better!!! I also have been taking fish oil for the DHA to help baby's brain growth... I read that this can cause rashes, so I will lay off of it for awhile and reintroduce later to see what happens... I'll keep you posted. Has anyone else had this experience with Percocet and/or Prednisone while b___stfeeding? Thanks, and good luck to you all!! ~K


newmomoftwins - March 1

I just had a c sect delivery this past Friday evening and started itching the very next day on Sat. First in the hands/wrists/forearms/between fingers, and then it spread to my feet and ankles/heel, with rashes, redness and heat popping up wherever I scratched. By Monday when I was discharged from the hospital until this afternoon, I've been suffering severe itching all over my body from my scalp down to the soles of my feet. My palms and fingers feel like there are pins and needles under the skin, just like when you go out in the cold too long with bare hands and then when they start to warm up. My ob/gyn prescribed Allegra (over-the-counter) and I took it today at 11:30Am and by 11:45am the itching stopped! My doctor said Allegra will not interfere with b___stmilk and I can only take 1 pill every 24 hours. I can still see areas of my body where there is redness and rashes that flare up but I just don't feel the itchiness. The next step is to find out how long this will take to completely go away without medication because the itching was pure misery!



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