Bleeding After D Amp C How Long

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miracle37 - March 11

Hi Everyone, I had a D&E on March 4th, i started to spot alittle. On the 9th i had really bad pains and then i started bleeding like i had just killed something and it has been that way since. Is this normal and when will it stop. I dont have a doctor appt untill the 27th. Any info would help.


love pink - March 19

can anyone tell me what AF stands for?


wantanotheraftertr - March 20

Aunt flow or your period


lorzipop - March 25

I had a bad experience after a DC when my baby had a a foetal disorder and i bled constant for 3 months then started heamorraging badly, went to hospital and got sent home then had to o straight back up again a few hours later as I had been pa__sing huge clots. Finally they did a scan and it was found that a small part had not been removed so i had to have another d & c. I have heard a few people having bits of placenta etc left in. Should this happen? I think its a disgrace that they do not check you fully after the surgery. Laura x


janeygirl - April 2

hey ladies i had a m/c and D&C 3 days after , i was bleeding really heavy and had bad cramps for 4 weeks , more internal ultrasounds and found out they hadnt done it properly and left it in there so i had another D&C and bled for 1 week


Mary Kingston - January 22

Hi I had a miscarriage in my 10 week of stoped developing at about 8 weeks. I had some pinkish discharge on Dec 3rd then on the morning of the 4th I went for my morning pee and there was blood so I went to emergancy and spent 7 hours going through exams and ultra sounds only to find out I was beggining to lose the was my second pregnancy and I was very upset cause I was so looking forward to having this baby. Anyway they sent me home but told me to come back on Monday for a D&C...I was in and out of the hospital in about an hour and a half...went home and rested. the next day there were bad cramps and some cloths but other than that everything was fine. I stoped bleeding 13 days later. On Jan 5th I started my period but only went for 3 days then today Jan 22 I started to bleed again. Is having 2 periods in one month after a D&C normal? I tried calling the doctor but he is out of the office untill Monday. I am thinking it is ok just because our bodies are kinda out of wack becasue of all the sudden changes to our bodies but I am just trying to put my mind at ease.


Danielle1103 - August 23

I had a D&C 11 days ago and I have had heavy bleeding ever since. I also had REALLY heavy bleeding a couple of days ago and had to go to the hospital. I am confused as to whats going on. I soaked through 2 pads, two pairs of underwear and pants in an hour. Can anyone help me understand?


donna1213 - August 24

Hi Danielle, I had a D&C 1 week ago and also have very heavy bleeding that seems to be getting worse (more clots today) I'm not too concerned because I had a D&C back in May also and the bleeding lasted almost 2 weeks. It was heavy then seemed like it was ending and then would get heavy again. I guess it was normal being I got pregnant 6 weeks later! Doctors think I miscarried both times due to fibroids, which I now need to have removed :(


jessj105 - April 1

I had a D&C on 2/4. Had bleeding for about 4 weeks afterward (light). Then I had heavier bleeding about 6 weeks afterward and decided this was my period. However the bleeding has not stopped and it's been 2 weeks. It will taper off to the point where I think it is completely over, then I will go for a run and have a moderate amount of blood. I have gone for 2 runs (3 mile and then 4 mile) and this increased bleeding has happened both times. What is going on??


caramel1024 - April 21

I had my D/C with the Novasure procedure 1 month ago and my cycle had tapered off then 3 days ago I started bleeding heavy what could my causing this?



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