Clomid And Concerns After Miscarriage

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Kristin - September 13

I was wondering if anyone out there has has a miscarriage after taking clomid. I had a D&C at around 7weeks of pregnancy on July 10. I had taken one round of clomid as my cycles had been really long since getting off the pill. I got pregnant after my first time using clomid only 50mg. I am hoping my cycle will be better since the D&C-I have already had one af but am now close to day 20 and no sure signs (some but they come and go) of ovulation. I was told to wait 2 cycles by my doctor so I'm trying to be patient to wait for my next af. My doctor has told me she will put me back on clomid and I guess I am just trying to weigh the pros and cons. Pros-I got pregnant first try on clomid on the lowest dose (only second time ttc) but got a pretty large cyst and I know there are other side effects such as possible increased chance of miscarriage.Anyone else facing this choice?


Rainey - September 19

Kristin- I am taking clomid along with Metformin. I have been going to a fertility specialist and have never heard of problems with Clomid. I was TTC for 3 months when I got pregnant but I had a m/c a month ago at week 8. I have had my period and am starting again this cycle. I was told that 1 in 4 women have a miscarriage in the 1st trimester. These are just the odds and not much you can do about them. However, most women go on to have very healthy babies. Hope this helps.


Kristin - September 19

Thanks Rainey. I'm so sorry about your loss. I think I just get so overwhelmed with all of the information out there and I should just trust my doctor who is great. That statistic is just amazing-these are things you never hear about until it happens to you. I wish you lots of luck and a healthy baby very soon!


Carole - September 19

Hey Kristin! I too had a m/c on 8/25. I took clomid in May and June, got prego in July. I also took Clomid last Sept. - January. You are only supposed to be on it for 5 months at a time. B/c if it is going to work it should in those 5 months. I helps me ovulate better for sure. I was taking 150mg. BUT when I went for my checkup after the m/c he chose not to put me back on it. Said I would be most fertile in the 2 months after m/c. I asked if clomid thins your lining and he said yes. To me that was not a good sign. Sort of made me think it may have been a factor. Soooo. I will just wait and see what happens. I am on day 26, not sure if I have ovulated and no af in sight. Such a guessing game. I thought I had cm last week but it sort of never materialized (I think) I see a fertility spec. as well. We can only hope that the m/c was for the best b/c something was terribly wrong. I hope that you are doing well.


Kristin - September 20

Hi Carole. I'm so sorry for your loss! It really is all so confusing. I only was on clomid for one cycle when I got pregnant. My doctor told me that she didn't feel the miscarriage was a result of clomid as my progesterone levels were so high. I too have heard that clomid can thin the uterine lining. My doctor wanted me to wait two cycles before putting me back on clomid. I am on around day 23 or so and am hoping I am about to ovulate as I had stretchy cm today (sorry :) and have ovulatory pain. It really is frustrating when your body just won't cooperate. We are going ahead and ttc this month as I am praying I could avoid going back on clomid. I have heard such success stories but some things make me worry. I don't want to have to only ttc every three months (that's how long my cycles were but I did ovulate each time) so we'll see. Are you taking your temperatures to see if you have ovulated? That helps me so I know if I have or haven't so I can keep trying until they go up. I wish you all the best and lots of luck!!!


Lynn - September 25

Kristin, I also used Clomid. I got pregnant on the 3rd month of using it. I had a Molar Pregnacy, so I had a D&C. I am taking the Clomid again.


Melissa - October 1

Hi Kristen, last month I took clomid 50mg for the first time and got pregnant the first time but m/c in the 5th week.I decided to take clomid as I too had long period cycles after getting off the pill. Now I need to decide whether I want to go back on the clomid. Does taking clomid up the chances of m/c?


Cabbie - October 2

I wanted to let you know that I too took clomid. The first time I took it it took me one month to get pregnant. That was a successful pregnancy and my "baby" is almost 6. The second time I took it, I tried it for five months with nothing. I got off of it. My dr was sending me in for a exploratory procedure to see what was going on. The month in between clomid and the procedure, I got pregnant. My second "baby" is now 3. I then proceeded to lose the next three babies. None of which I used clomid with. I just wanted to give you a different story of the miracles of clomid and my losses without. Hope this helps someone.


KFay - March 3

Hi Kristin, I have had two m/c in a row, I have regular cycles and had no problems getting pregnant but for some reason my doctor wants to put me on clomid to help prevent another m/c. I have not started yet and Im not sure I want to take it... still doing my research. I know not every womans situation is the same but in my situation my Doctor seems to think taking clomid will lessen my chance of anothr m/c. Its a choice I have to face and I am not sure yet?


mrscarenhasty - June 11

Hi everyone. I was on Clomifine Citrate (generic clomid) for 5 months and got pregnate. At 12 weeks, about 2 days before my first ultrasound, I had a miscarriage. We haven't been on the meds for the last 6 months, but started taking it again this cycle. I hope that it will result in a successfull pregnancy this time around. Some of you were wondering if you were ovulating or not, and I have a suggestion. I bought a Clear Blue Easy Fertility Monitor and it has really worked out great for us. It is a little expensive, ($200 for the monitor and $40 - $50 per box for the test strips) but worth it. The monitor tracks the days of your cycle and it will let you know if your ovulation hormone level is low, medium, high or Peak (peak is your ovualtion day). You can even buy a chip to put in it so you can take it to your doctors office and track your cycle from month to month. I love this. I don't have to wonder if I ovulated this month or not, because it tells me. Anyway, I hope this helps. Good luck to you all.


chloeegirl33 - July 29

Hi mrscarenhasty. I am so sorry for your loss and I wish you all the best with ttc. Please let me know how things work out for you. Thank you for the information on the fertility monitor, I may just check that out once I get through the stockpile of strips that I bought online last spring. Unfortunately this past week I miscarried as well at 10 weeks. It was sad because we detected a heartbeat at week 7 and sometime between now and then the baby stopped growing and pa__sed away. Since I went off birth control and started ttc about a year ago, I did not have a period and therefore could not ovulate. After a tough few months and taking several rounds of progesterone to try to jump start a cycle, I also started taking clomid. I did not ovulate for the first 2 clomid cycles, but then on my third round of clomid I finally ovulated and was also blessed with becoming pregnant. I was devastated that it did not work out, but I hopeful because at least know I am capable of being pregnant. Can I ask: when you went on clomid again, did your doctor prescribe the lowest dosage or the dosage that worked for you or were you always on the same amount? I started on 50mg and nothing worked until they upped me to 150mg. I am not sure if I should just wait things out to see if my fertility has enhanced since the pregnancy or just go back to using clomid. The trouble is that I have always been irregular and I worry I may be wasting time if I wait too long before trying clomid again. I still have some time to decide as we are waiting for my hCG levels to drop back to normal and I also have to finish healing. Any thoughts are appreciated. Best wishes to you.


airrenn02 - April 21

it looks like this post hasn't been touched in a while but hopefully someone will see this question. I am a bit confused about using Clomid. I have PCOS and my doctor had me set to start taking the clomid this month, but my husband and I were able to conceive on our very first try without the help of anything but monitoring my cm. too good to be true, of course. I miscarried this week and had a d&c. My doctor explained that clomid not only will help me ovulate but can also support the luteal phase, which apparently is not as strong in women with PCOS. So, she is explaining this to me as a way of preventing miscarriage yet I have read so much about CLomid thinning the lining and contributing to miscarriage. Anyone have any thoughts or experience on/with this? Any help would be appreciated. I trust my doctor, she's really great and I am glad she is being aggressive with our ttc efforts but I really don't want to go through this again. Maybe since I was able to get pregnant without the help of the drug in the first place then my miscarriage was just one of the 15-25% of all pregnancies that end in the first trimester and not related to my PCOS?


yluna - August 24

Hi Airrenn02, Im going to tell you my story and i hope you can get some info out of it. I started taking Clomid since i had problems ovulating. I got pregnant on my 2nd cycle and when i was 8 weeks i had a miscarriage. From information i have read clomid does thin the lining but is only if its used for a long period of time. I have read a lot about clomid specially after my miscarriage, but i can say that i dont think clomid had anything to do with it. My advice to you is to try it for a couple of cycles and hopefully you will get pregnant. (Im sure you will) Good Luck :)


airrenn02 - August 25

yluna, thanks! I just finished my first round of clomid in July and it worked! I am now 7 weeks 4 days and we saw our baby's heartbeat on Tuesday! follow up ultrasound next week because the doc thinks there are twins but she couldn't tell for sure this week. Good luck to everyone!


yluna - August 26

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is awesome. I'm very happy for you. - September 2

I am hoping that someone can answer my question. This is my first time taking clomid i finished it about 2 weeks ago. My husband and i have been trying to have a baby for a few years now. Does anyone know if i will get pregnant from clomid 50mg. I have to take it every second month for 4 months. I am realy hoping it works.


dleezgurl - January 10

Shannon I took clomid 50mg in the month of december and found out at the end of the month we were pregnant but we missed carried in jan so yes it does work.



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