IVF Treatment In Europe - Please Share Your Story

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annataylor1 - July 6

Hi there. Hope you are fine. I am feeling very sorry that you are going through infertility.  Life is hard and brave people like you face this time with a big heart. It is good that you have chosen alternative methods like IVF. These treatments are really helping many hopeless couples. One of my close friend who faced many hard times while TTC. Except for her husband and few friends, there was no one for her support. In-laws were cursing her. It was like an end for her. But who knows God's plans, her husband told her about IVF and by the grace of God she gets fruits of her patients. She failed once during the 1st cycle but got positive results later.I wish this story will inspire women out there. I will pray for you guys. Wish you best of luck. Sending you positive vibes.


Isla28 - July 7

Hello. My story is a little bit similar to yours. I was suffering from fatigue injury. I was trying to conceive. My family was not accepting me. But my husband was with me all the time. One of my colleagues suggested me to go for Surrogacy. I went for Surrogacy in Europe. Now, I have a baby. It's just because of Surrogacy.


Lily27 - July 30

Hi there. Surrogacy is the best option. But be careful. As there are clinics which are not good at all. They are scam. One of them is Adonis. My sister contacted them, and they did not even had the decency to reply back. They just left her waiting. Please, everyone should be careful when contacting them. They will just waste your time. But do not lose hope. Because there is a really good clinic in Ukraine. You should contact them if anyone wants to go for surrogacy. They are very accommodating and helpful. I hope everything goes alright. Best of luck. Lots of love and prayers.


annaya1 - August 13

.Hello. Hope you are doing good. It's good that you are trying hard for fertility treatments. IVF is a convenient method but it has a low success rate than surrogacy. Surrogacy has been successful. There are many success stories. My aunt was suffering from infertility and after 15 years she decided to go for surrogacy and now she is blessed with twin babies. I also suggest you go for surrogacy. Plus there is another advice for you that be careful about adonis clinic. It is the worst clinic I know. I have heard many heart-rending stories about this clinic. People had a bad experience over there. These doctors are only concern with the money. They can never understand and feel the pain of their clients. They are scammers. Such type of clinics should be banned. You should find a clinic with proper research. Wish you the best of luck. Be positive.


samanthabill25 - August 13

I am sharing my story to aware everyone from the scammers. I faced infertility and I and my husband were in search of a proper clinic for treatment. We found a clinic named Adonis. In the beginning, they were very good but with the time passing by, they showed up themselves. Their staff's behavior was so rude. Even their doctors are the worst ever I met. After every 2 to 3 days they ask us for more money in the name of treatment. I was so much fed up with their attitude. I refuse to go further with these guys. My mother told me about another clinic in eastern Europe. We contacted them and got an appointment. After visiting them I was so much satisfied and due to these guys, I am now enjoying my motherhood. 


bena12 - August 15

Hi, how are you? IVF is a very good treatment. Though it's success rate is very low. So don't waste your money and time. Surrogacy will be the best option for you.Don't get treatment from lotus clinic. They are scammers. My cousin was infertile. She visited this clinic in Europe. They treated her really very well. The best surrogate was provided. She is a mother of twins now. She is still in touch with a surrogate. You should also visit them. It will be the best option for you. Wish you the best of luck. Baby dust to you


izabellee - August 15

It is very sad to hear that. Almost you are the eighth person who is treated very badly by Lotus. I agree with you. One of my best friends has faced this clinic reality. They just waste the time of people. They have no concern for others emotions. They want money only. In fact, they are money makers. It is not bad to say all this about them. As they deal so they deserve to hear. This is a big issue to search for a good clinic nowadays. No one can realize whats going on. So, be careful friends. It's your life. Try to search for things and then move one. Good luck.


anaya18 - August 16

Today, I would like to share an experience of my sister. She is infertile. We knew this before her marriage. She told the guy about this. He accepted her with great attraction. It wasn't our expectation. But, he did this. He took her to different countries. They visited many doctors. Finally, they selected Adonis clinic. They were very happy to start a new family. They took proper treatment from there. But, unfortunately, they failed. Tried again But, couldn't get satisfactory results. They faced a lot of bad things there. I won't discuss here more. Just be care full in clinic selection.


Nina Edward - August 16

Hi! I am so sorry for you. I can understand your struggles. You are going through a lot. Life is hard and brave people like you can face this time. Infertility drains emotionally and physically. You need to be strong. A baby is the one who completes a family. The feeling of having your own baby will make you forget all your pains. I am infertile too. I am going for surrogacy. My friend told me about BioTexCom clinic for surrogacy. And the good news is Biotexcom team are having a public session soon. I am sure it is going to be very helpful. I have consulted their doctors and gotten all my issues resolved. I hope you will be a mother soon. Good luck in the future.


bena12 - August 16

It is a positive thing that the centre is coming to London. It will be a great opportunity for those suffering from infertility. The news has been all over the forum. They are the best in the treatment of reproductive issues. It's a blessing that they are moving ahead to establish a new clinic. I have been receiving updates from the team. They were holding a seminar in London. That has been postponed for some time. I was having trouble convincing my husband for a while. That we should now go for Ivf from there. He is also convinced with the positive feed back from them. We have had 3 sessions for my infertility treatment till date. My doctor is a middle aged women who is very kind.



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