45 And Pregnant Again

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Perl - May 12

Andrea, I'm so sorry and can imagine the disappointment and hurting you're going through now. I like Betul's idea, I hope that works for you like it did for her. Discussing your concern about your eggs with your Dr is definitely a good idea, she or he may rea__sure you that it isn't or help you get to to the source of the problem. It sounds like you have a compa__sionate doc I hope they offer you more options and info. *** Karena, What reason does your daughter have for freaking out that you're pregnant? If she wasn't happy the last time but loves her little brother now just remind her about that. I'd be more concerned with the 2 year old than the 17 year old--she's older and should be more mature about it now realizing that it's your decision and if there's any freaking out to be done it should be on your part not hers---not that you need to freak out at all but the point is she needs to let you do the worrying and she should focus on her own life and future. Rea__sure everyone that you can do this and everything will be okay! You have to say it like you mean it though.


LJ - May 12

Jami, I'm 39 and expecting my 4th! My sons are 21 and 17, and we just had a baby girl last year who is now 6 months old. I'm so thrilled and feel so blessed to have a 'new' family to experience again :)


kellyanne_2006 - May 16

i know this sounds horrible but please dont judge me. Here goes i broke up with my boyfriend a few weeks ago and i had s_x with my ex on the 28th April 2006 and then got bk with my boyfirend the day after ( we sorted out or differences and we still love each other very much) so we had make-up s_x on the 29th and then on the 1st May 2nd 3rd and the 5th i know i ovulated on the 5th and i was wondering if it is possilble that the babys father is my ex's could his sperm be still alvive if i ovulated a week after we had s_x its just that i am going crazy @ the moment i have got implantation bleeding and i think im pregnant we i need some advice on what to do whats your opinion. i think like ending it all cos i am so depressed i really want this baby to be my boyfriends and i know there is a bigger chance it is his but i will always question it .


Betul - May 16

Andrea, yes I took the FertilAid also from day one of my cycle until ovulation, stopped until my period began or positive pregnancy test. Other things i did, started prenatal vitamins 6 months before and robutissein (plain) 3 times a day during the week I ovulated to thin out cervical mucus. I bought my OPK and HPT's online for like 1 dollar each (always very accurate for me). Also you can buy the FSH test strips online to do at home but if your insurance covers fertility tests you might as well have your doctor perform the test. I never had difficulty getting pregnant when I was younger but this time it took over a year of trying so I charted everything and took my temp every morning. It paid off in the end, I am 39 years old.


Betul - May 16

KellyAnne, if you know for sure that you ovulated on the 5th, the chances of it being ex's is slim to none. Max time on sperm life is 72 hours. Hope this helps :) Good Luck!


Andrea H - May 18

Betul - Good information. Thanks. My doctor definitely says I'm fertile but just in case I still plan to take the FertilAid. I have a lot of prenatal vitamins leftover so I'll use those also. Tuesday she confirmed the blighted ovum. She was trying so hard to be optimistic for me. I love my doctor. I had the difficult discussion about the age of my eggs and she gave me all the textbook answers, answers I guess I knew but didn't want to admit. But again, she's hopefull that I'm still young enough and still have good eggs. BTW, I'm FINALLY seeing symptoms of miscarriage (after 9 weeks of waiting!). I hope it happens in the next two days so I can heal, take a time out, and try again! :-) Thank you for sharing and discussing!


Betul - May 18

Andrea, I am sorry about your miscarriage but unfortunetly it goes with the territory when trying to conceive at our age. I hope it is over with quickly for you. Did your doctor say when you could try again? I've heard so many stories of women having successful pregnancies right after miscarriage. Lots and lots of baby dust to you!!!


Stevie - May 22

Congrat's Jami. I am not pregnant, but thinking about it. I have two, 25 and 23 and I am 47. Is that way too old? My husband has never had any and would love to have one of his own. am I too old?


Betul - May 22

Stevie, if you haven't gone through menopause then their should still be a chance at conceiving. Check with a supportive Gynocologist and there are some non invasive tests that they can do to check your FSH levels (how are quaility of your eggs) and progesterone levels ( important in sustaining a pregnancy). The risks are a bit higher for those of us over 35 for certain genetic abnormalities (but if you put it into statisitics, it is not as scary as everyone makes it out). Also, miscarriage is more common but most of us women know you just have to go on and try again when time is of the essense at our age. If you and husband want a child, I say go for it and God Bless. Best of Luck and lots of baby dust to you!


Stevie - May 23

Betul, thank you for your support. I don't have any menapose symptems. Am regular every 28 days. I think we will get him checked first thing. Thank you for not thinking I am too old. I do think about being 60 and the child is 12.


fortiesmom - May 25

Congratulations Jami! I am 44 and am experiencing what I thought was menopause. We wanted more children but miscarried last year...i am 7 weeks late but no positive result. A little cramping and HOT FLASHES. I never had those with my other children so maybe...I am going for a blood test tomorrow. What were your symptoms? Anythng different than your other children? Again - congrats and bless you.


Jilly - June 7

Jami-I think I have everyone beat with this one.I am 51yrs. old and pregnant with twin boys. I also have a daughter 30 yrs. old who is also pregnant , and due the same week I am which is Xmas week. I also have a son 28yrs. old. I feel it's our life and it must have been meant to be. So be happy and enjoy!!!!!


Kristin72 - June 8

Jilly, Congratulations that's just amazing..if I may ask did you conceive with IVF or naturally? My brother's wife had IVF twins last December they are just such a blessing..Wishing you all the best with your pregnancy..how far along are you? I am 17 weeks 1 day today :)) XO Kristin


Kristin72 - June 8

Oops..I meant 16 weeks 1 day..I'm in my 17th week..this is so confusing sometimes ;)


Jilly - June 8

Kristin72 - We used IVF and I am 11weeks and 4 days.


Sue Z. - June 9

Jilly, if you don't mind me asking, did you use your own eggs? I'm almost 40 and I have an FSH of 15.2. My doctor is telling me to think about going the DE road. I didn't resond well to the injectables to even get my own eggs. If your 51 and used your own eggs it gives me hope and probably a lot of other hope too.



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