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Kristin72 - January 7

Fresh starts for those ttc and bfp's in 2010!!!! Babydust!!!!


Kristin72 - January 7

Updates when you can girls!!!!!xoxo


jayjaysmom - January 7

Hey Girls! Julia- I am thinking of you and praying for good outcomes. Sometimes science is too invasive and makes us worry unneccesarily, however, I was never able to just relax and wait. For me, I just had to know everything I could. There are some that would say that you got a positive pregnancy test and you have not started your cycle so all is good...sort of no news is good news. Anyway--I am praying for GREAT news! Kristin- you are funny b___stfeeding and on the internet at the same time, I can see myself doing that...LOL. Aspen- Just wanted to say hi! Update on me... Things are going well. I am almost 20 weeks and everything is going smoothly. I saw a perinatologist last week for a growth scan and all looks good, no signs of downs. He also confirmed the girl status-- woo hoo!! I sometimes think I need to pinch myself to be sure I am not dreaming. I am off to Atlanta this weekend to stay with my awesome Aunt who is going to do a custom bedding set for her. We will fabric shop this weekend and I am sooooo excited!!! May the good lord bless all of you and we get lots of BFP in 2010.


Aspen8 - January 7

Hi everyone! Sorry for being MIA. I actually wasn't online at all for 10 days and the thought of how far behind I was on everything was so overwhelming it's taken me a while to tackle it. Anyway... JULIA - I'm praying for you as hard as I possibly can. Personally, I'd do the bloodwork. I'd need to. I'm not at all sure that's the right answer, but I'd need to look at every "sign post" possible. LEXY - They can't see if your tubes are blocked or not from an ultrasound unfortunately. A pet peeve of mine actually is when Gyns or REs (Reproductive Endocrinologists) prescribe fertility meds for women over 35 w/o doing an HSG because the risk of ectopic is greater for us. The meds create more eggs each month...more chances for an ectopic. I just think that before they go making a women "superovulate" they ought to check and see that her tubes are open enough that the risk isn't unwarranted. But that's just me being picky.... JAYJAYSMOM - Your Aunt and her custom bedding set sound awesome! KRISTIN - Thanks for the new thread! MY UPDATE - AF arrived as expected on Christmas morning. It was mercifully light and not crampy. I ovulated either late Tuesday or early Wednesday and dh and I definitely had things covered. And it was fun instead of a chore too! Gotta love it when that happens! :-) Happy New Year everyone. I hope it's a great one of all of us!


Aspen8 - January 7

TWINS - This is the new thread that Kristin started for us. If you found us here, WELCOME! Some of us can answer any questions you might have about fertility meds. And you if you don't have any other questions, you're welcome to just share your ttc journey with us.


Kristin72 - January 8

Hi Ladies..any news Julie? I hope your little bean is sticking with all it's might!! Update when you can..and quick hello to everyone. Jayjaysmommy..glad to hear all is well..very happy about the good news it's a girl!!!! I will check in later..putting the lo's to bed.


Twins - January 9

Aspen8, i have replied you twice but i can't seem to find them on the thread, don't know what's going on. Kristin: thanks so much for answering those questions in the other board. will discuss with my dr and then proceed. Always a good idea to put all hands on deck. what is EWCM? How is your precious bundle of joy doing? Are you begining to notice any xter traits or is it still too early?


Twins - January 9

Hello Aspen8, I just replied to the post and it disappeared so let me start all over again. Its always a joy when you can cover things with dh during ovulation without it seeming like an OBLIGATORY chore. I had HSG done before i started clomid and i highly recommend it to eliminate unnecessary hiccups. Is anyone on pregnacare and does it help? Thanks for answering the question...u are so upbeat and positive and am sure i'll enjoy posting here. On day 30 AF arrived and so am not PG and can't go on 3rd round clomid as am travelling without DH


JuliaB - January 10

Hello Everyone. Update: I feel fine. I have had some very light spotting, which I know looks worse then it is given the prog suppositories, but it does still give me pause when I see it. I took the blood test Saturday, but have not decided whether I will call for the results. I feel like whatever they are, the dr feedback will be "wait for your u/s to see what's happening." I am trying not to be stressed, so we have restarted our 3,000 piece jigsaw that we put away a couple years ago when we moved. The only problem is I know some pieces have been lost, but I don't know how many (5? 50?) We'll see. Thank you to everyone for your support. I still need to catch-up, and I will. I am just a little distracted... I hope everyone is well, and Baby Dust to you all!!!!


Kristin72 - January 10

Hi Julia, I am glad you are feeling ok. I too had spotting with Alexa..actually I also did with my other daughter Zoe while pregnant..and early stages. I understand if you don't find out the hcg result. For me, I just have to know..or I'd go crazy. But it's a good thing you are doing things like puzzles to keep your mind of things. The bottom line is if it is going to stick it will and there is nothing you or I could do..except maybe the progesterone..which was what seemed to help me in my pregnancy. Anyway, update when you can. I am holding out all hope. Oh and I think it was Twins who asked what ewcm was.. it is egg white cervical mucus. My update. The oldest turned 3 end of Nov. and my baby is 3 months 3 weeks. Alexa is doing well..Still nursing through the night. She hates the car..cries until we get to destinations most times. But other than that smiling eevery time I look at her..rolls over from front to back last week. She is just a doll.. :) We have our 4 month app coming up in a week so. Anyway, talk to you all soon. :)


HelloDolly - January 11

Hello Ladies! I saw the other thread and it was so long, but this one is new. I am a mom of three 17, 15, and 13, two girls and a boy. In a second relationship that will soon be marriage. He has one son, that is not in 100% health. At first when we started to date, 2yrs ago, he talked about more children and I was like NO way. But funny how the more you fall in love with someone, the more you want to make them happy. So after three months of discussing how our life will change, we decided to try to have a child. We stopped all bc in December. I love this site and all the encouragement here. I never had problems before, I am interested to see if I will now. Baby Dust to everyone!! God bless


Kristin72 - January 11

hello HelloDolly and welcome! How old are you? I wish you the best of luck conceiving very soon! Have you had any tests or will you? A pap is a good place to start as well as getting your blood work done to check your fsh. Start charting your cycles..on fertility friend so you now if and when you are ovulating.. Good luck to you!!!


HelloDolly - January 11

Well, in November I had a full physical and blood work with my doctor and she knew it was to be sure I was fit for pregnancy (Pap too). She said everything was great. I am 41 and a little overwegiht. I have not had any other test, and as I said, I was quiet easy to conceive before. We shall see. I started to chart in December. I just had the "hot" day on the 9th. So we did everything we read on the internet to do. Now we wait. I am familiar with all the body indicators of fertility. I was always irregular before and still am. So I learned with them for then, and it worked. So worse case we will order ovulation strips next after a couple of months if we don't get pregnant. Doing the temp charting too. Thanks so much!!


Twins - January 12

Hello Dolly and welcome here. Since you just started trying, and never had any problem in the past, pls update and let us know how your journey goes. Hi Kristin, Thanks for updating and translating the EWCM. After i saw your reply to Dolly i went and watched the videos and read the material on fertility friend, i registered and inputed my chart and so i have an all round view of everything that's going on in one place....amazing! I wish i had known all these at least a year ago, it would have helped me a whole lot and saved me untold disappointments/unrealistic expectations. I have been seeing EW for the past 3 days but according to my BBT temp charting i have not ovulated yet..since i traveled on biz without DH am not to bothered, am just happy am getting the hang of things now. Kisses to Alexia and her older sibling. Did not take clomid this cycle and i have not noticed hot flashes in about a week yipee!Only noticed slight ovulation discomfort and not the usual sharp pains at ovulation on clomid (at least not yet and am on CD15)


JuliaB - January 12

Well, I did call for my results, against my better judgment, and they were not too good. My HCGs went from 5500 to 6700 in 5 days. My dr said this is not a normal pregnancy (how come some drs have such good bedside manners, and other sooo don't?). I think she is ready to take care of it and move on. Maybe I am being stupid, but I'd like to wait until Tuesday for my u/s. I knew I should not have gotten the results. I am fairly well crushed.


HelloDolly - January 12

JuliaB, Have the u/s done! I nursed for 16 years and I have seen lots to test results out of the norm, but nothing was wrong. That is just one part of the puzzle. See first what is going on, before getting down. Remember, you body feels the stress.


Aspen8 - January 12

TWINS - I'm sorry you've had trouble getting your posts to show up here but I'm very glad you found the new thread. I'm looking forward to getting to know you. It's a shame that you had to hold off this cycle due to traveling but at least you get a break from the clomid. Evil stuff. BLECH! My body hated clomid. It liked letrozole (femara) much better. How was your cm on clomid? Mine was awful - part of the reason we switched. KRISTIN - She turned over? Now it's really gonna start gettin' fun! Not that they aren't fun before that but, you know what I mean. Tell her Mommy's online friends said, "YAAAAYYY!" to her. HELLODOLLY - Did you post once before on an old thread? Your name sounds really familiar. If not, welcome for the first time. And if so, it's nice to have you back where you belong. (Sorry. Really. I tried to resist. I really did. If your name is really Dolly you must get soooooooooo sick of people saying things like that and always thinking that they're being original and brilliant. Lol.) Anyway, we're glad to have you. I'm sure there's a BFP in your future. You'll love Fertility Friend although if you're like the rest of us you'll probably go through a pretty obsessive phase where you stare at the data for what feels like hours as if just the sheer act of staring at it will get you pregnant. :-) But then you'll get over it. I'm being REALLY lax about entering my data the last cycle. I need to get caught up. JULIA - Oh, Julia. I'm so sad for you. I don't know what to say. I can't know for real what it feels like to be in your shoes (Kristin can, I know) but I HAVE had my share of disappointments over the last 24 NOT pregnant months and I think I have some idea of what I'd feel like if I finally got that BFP only to find that the pregnancy wasn't progressing normally. I'm so sorry you have to experience this. If you get bad news confirmed at the ultrasound you may not feel like posting for a while again so I want to say this now even though the timing sucks: Is there a possibility that either you or dh has chlamydia (sp?) I friend of a friend had a history like yours and almost by accident - because of a prostate issue - her dh was tested for a__sorted microbes, including chlamydia and they found it. So she was tested and she was positive too. They've been in a monogamous relationship for over a decade and neither one of them ever had any symptoms, which they were told is totally normal. Anyway, they were both treated with antibiotics for a month and her next pregnancy stuck. The docs think it was the the infection that was the problem. Just a thought...that you don't want to be bothered with right now, probably. I'm hoping for a miracle for you.



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