What Is The Normal HCG Level 2 Days After A Misssed Period

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Dixie - April 15

Thanks Kristen! I got my numbers back yesterday afternoon. My hcg is 1672...yehaw! My progesterone was only 12.54, after being on the v____al suppositories for a week they were hoping it would rise more than that so I had to go get a shot yesterday. I'm still thrilled, they tell me that all is well and definately looks much better than last time. I'm 6 1/2 weeks now....My first appointment is on May 1 and they will be doing an ultra sound. What an awesome sc___pbook moment!


Kristin - April 17

Dixie, how is everything going for you? Kristin


Dixie - April 18

Kristen, Things are going well, I haven't had much problem with morning sickness at all, just a little sick with certain smells. My belly is beginning to get a little hard and I can't stand my clothes tight at all. 7 weeks tomorrow! How did your appointment go with your gp?


Kristin - April 18

Good, I was able to hear the heartbeat with the doppler which is a good thing. Had some bloodwork and a pap to make sure everything was ok. I was spotting a little sat evening-monday evening...but it has subsided today. I tried to take it easier today. Will book my 11 week prenatal screening tests tomorrow..other than that I feel like a tube LOL! My waste is getting thinker and I am always adjusting my jeans argh!! Glad to hear things are going well for you..keep it up! Kristin


chelley - April 20

I just found out I'm pregnant I had my levels tested I'm not very sure when I ovulated but the test was done on Tuesday. my levels were only 19...I have a feeling I'm still very early I hadn't even missed my period when I tested I was like three days early. I go again on Monday.....Has anyone ever heard of someone being this low and still have a healthy pregnancy?


Kristin - April 20

The levels are low..but the question is are they doubling that is the importnat thing..go in again and get another HCG pronto...this will tell you how things are progressing ;) Good luck to you and keep us updated. Kristin


Dixie - April 21

Chelley, my levels were only 90 at 3 days past my missed period. At last check they were 1672 I think....that was last thursday. I don't think that is bad for 3 days early. Just get another check. Well, Kristen...I have a baby picture. It looks like a little white blob. We are calling her baby girl campbell. Watch...I want a girl so bad I will have another boy. That would be my luck. I just really want a healthy baby. I have my 9 week appointment on May 1 and will have another ultrasound. (another sc___pbook moment!) I'm so exicted! I think I must be crazy, but my belly is poping out just little. I have a few shirts that need to be retired to the pre-pregnancy pile. Have a great weekend!


Expectant - March 15

Hey Ladies. Im from NZ and we have been trying for 10months now. I have been on fertility drugs for the past three months, two days before my 3rd Laparscpoic Endometriosis Operation I found out we are pregnant. I had my HCG blood test done 13 days after ovulation at my reading was 36, I am waiting to get my results back from 16 days after ovulation. Fingers crossed :)


Roxyroller - April 18

I had IVF - my HCG levels were 293 on march 16th... then on march 19th 1001 ...then on march 25th 6305. I had one u/s so far and saw the baby's heartbeat and little head and body-it was so wonderful - almost like a dream. I had waited so long and now it was real! I had 3 m/c and a lot of fertility issues over the years. I will be 35 soon and hope everything finally goes well and I can hold my baby sometime in the middle of November (due Nov 17th). Good luck to all. I can't wait for the next U/S which is May 12th!!!


lois10 - April 16

Hi Kristin, your post caught my eye as my LMP was also 14th Feb (assuming this year 2018?). Whats your DD? Mine is 21st Nov. My HCG on the 15th March was 655. I had an ultrasound on the 12th April and crl was 1.88cm - have you had an ultrasound? When do you think you concieved/ovulated?



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